My March

It's a tad late, but better late than never! My month of March has been ridiculously busy looking back, which is probably why I feel like I need another holiday again right now!
At the start of the month, me and John whisked ourselves away to a lodge with a private hot tub to have some time to relax and call our own. We had a lovely time, and we didn't want to leave the amazing lodge... I wrote all about the adventure to Norfolk here if you want to have a read up on that!
I came back from that holiday to my aunt and cousin staying with us for a week, from Portugal and France. We ended up doing lots of things like going out to the casino, going out for dinner, shopping, and I also took my cousin for a night out at Oceana to show my cus how we do it in England, and she loved it! We came back with sparkly hats and everything!
After all that was over, my month started slowing down which was a little relief after all the busy-ness! I did end up getting very naughty with my food as you can probably tell by my snapshots and also went on a couple of mini dates with the boyfriend, like car boot sale shopping (where I found a brand new pair of heels for a fiver!), and a little trip to the cinema to watch Need for Speed that I recommend going to see!
After a busy month, I finished it all off by treating myself and getting a new hair colour that I've been meaning to do for a while, and am now absolutely loving! I'll be blogging about that soon... And I've rekindled a love for peach lemonade at Costa... I'm kinda obsessed. Though I need to try the strawberry one at one point — if I can get away from the peach for a day!

Hectic month overall, but it's been great! This is a short brief post, but I'm not quite with it at the moment, I will be again soon... I promise! I'm now looking forward to a chilled April and now that it's still daylight when I finish work, I'll get to spend more time outside, working out and wearing prettier clothes! I love the spring and summer time! Hope your March was good like mine. Looking forward to anything special this April?

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