Wishlist #57 - Wedding Edit

This summer I have a wedding to go to, and of course with every wedding comes a new dress to look pretty aand sophisticated in! The wedding is one of the boyfriend's work friends, and I really want to look great next to the boyfriend in his suit get up, so I'm beggining my hunt!
I'm floating towards pastels with simple prints, flattering silhouettes and that steretypical, 'I'm going to a wedding' outfit. I'm loving all of the above, but I'm particularly drawn towards the pink silk playsuit, but I'm not 100% sure on whether its "attending a wedding material". I'm also loving the Jones & Jones dresses since I've always wanted one. It would be a great excuse to finally buy one, but keeping pounds per wear in mind and how many wears after I would get out of it makes me think twice about the beautiful skater dresses...
If I had to go for one right now, I think I would pick the lilac midi. It's the one I love the most after the playsuit, and it's standing out to me more than the others. Its simple, its classic and its just such a perfect colour! Ahhhh the choices, there are too many! Which one would you pick?

CAT xo


  1. These dresses are all so pretty! I like how you've got the floral green dress in among all the pastels and pinks! :)

    Laura x

    1. Thank you! I still don't know what to go for though! x