Wishlist #60

Dress | Bag | Watch | Midi Dress
Shoes | Skort | Converse

Oooooh, I love all of the above and I'm lusting a variety of random things these last few weeks from designer beauties to pretty prints and I want it all. I'm terrible aren't I? Always wanting something new...
I'm still loving my pastels and florals of course as always, and I'm trying to venture out of my comfort zones and want to wear new things like dress shapes I wouldn't normally go for and the fancy skorts like I used to wear back in the 90s! (Oh god, that makes me sound so old.)
I've also been eyeing up a fancy bag that I'm feeling a need for in my life and I'm looking for a cute bowler bag like this Paul's Boutique one to fit all my stuff in, as well as some fancy going out sandals such as the pretty nude ones on the bottom left! I love that chunky heel and I haven't got any nude shoes so this would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. On top of that watches seem to be a growing accessory and I'm lusting a few cute cheap eBay ones as well as this lovely Olivia Burton one on the Topshop website!
I'm not sure if adding those converse to my wishlist counts either since I bought them about 10 minutes ago with a lovely voucher from Very.co.uk that made these a HUGE bargain for what they are. I was going to go for the simple traditional white ones but then I saw these and I felt like it was meant to be... I think they're arriving Wednesday and I'm so excited! I've been wanting a pair of white converses since my red ones died a while back, and now I finally have a pair! Eeeee!

Everyone deserves a pay day treat! Have you got yourself a treat for payday?

CAT xo

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  1. Cute pieces! Love the converse with the silver detailing x