My May

This month has been pretty quiet. I haven't had much go on this month, but with the sun coming out I've been able to wear and show off some great outfits! I've had quite a few cheeky additions to my wardrobe and I've been loving wearing them and testing my personal styling! My favourite outfit this month is definitely my lilac dip hem dress from Laundry Boutique, and I also loved wearing the outfit I wore to work to support Outfit's new charity: Teenage Cancer Trust.
This month I've also taken up running. I've been wanting to keep fit for a while but the weather is always the thing that stops me, so when the sun came out, I began running. It's more for health and fitness than anything else, and I absolutely enjoy getting out in the sunshine and getting in the zone with my playlist shuffled and Nike Plus recording my progress. I've managed to get to running 2.15 miles quite easily. Next I'll be pushing for 3.1 miles so I'm half way to completing a 10k run! I was hoping to do the 10k Stampede at Whipsnade but I've only just found out it's on Sunday, which means I haven't got much time to practise. Maybe next year though?
I feel really boring this month :( Ah well, I'm sure July holds much more excitement for me. I think I'm heading over to France for a weekend with John, and I also want to have a day up in London just for the sake of it! Does anyone know of anything fun going on in London this month? Let me know!

Have a great June! x

CAT xo

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