25 Things To Do This Summer

This year I want to make the most of my summer. The best thing about summer is that there is so much more you can do than in the winter. It's my favourite season by far, and I've forever been a summer girl at heart. A recent event has made my want to make the most of this summer (as well as every other day of my life) even stronger, but I'm not willing or wanting to write about it, or talk about it on my blog right now. Sorry...
But on a brighter note, I thought I'd share the 25 things I think we could all try and do this summer. So if you're bored and you want to do something different or see something new, whether it's something big or something small, I'd like to think you could read this and get an idea. Even if I did only 10 of these I'd be happy. Enjoy...!
  1. Go to a gig or a festival - It's the most traditional thing to do! I've never been to a festival and one day I will, but it's never been my thing. I'm more of a girl who'd go to see someone she likes a lot in concert - thus my excitement for Eminem on Friday. It's going to be immense!
  2. Try a new restaurant - One the the smallest experiences, but always could result in a new favourite. I am a true believer in trying new foods and restaurants at least once. At the moment I'm adoring a little curry house in the next town from me. They have the loveliest staff and the tastiest Chicken Tikka Masala.... Mmmmm...
  3. Go to a theme park - Another traditional summer thing, but how about taking a visit to one you've never been to, or one you haven't been to for a while? I think I'll be visiting Alton Towers sometime soon. I haven't been there since I was about 10, when I was just a little too short to go on any of the big scarier roller coasters. I have a ridiculous delayed case of "next day vertigo", but alas the care is not there... I adore the thrill.
  4. Plan an active holiday - Lazy holidays are perfect but I think an active one can be great too. Even if it's just walking, or taking a bike ride to rock climbing or hiking... Whatever your thing may be, I'm sure this would be a great refreshing way to relax, enjoy life and stay fit all at the same time.
  5. Barbecues upon Barbecues - Meet up with your friends, with family, or with both. But don't forget to can at least a couple of barbecues in this summer. They are the probably one of the best things to do during the summer season, and usually behold some of the best memories.
  6. Take up a Sport - Even if it is just running, the summer can make someone want to spend time outside, or be a little more active. I've been into running. I got out of it a little bit after being a bit ill, but I'm slowly bringing myself back into doing it. It makes me feel so much better and I can lose myself in thought and adrenaline. I love it :)
  7. Go to London - Whether you're in London or outside, I think a visit into our Capital is always a good shout. I often like doing this alone, taking a day to enjoy a little shop, or a gallery. I'm feeling the need to visit Brick Lane again or finally experience Portobello Road, but also I'd like to see an old uni friend's first solo exhibition, and take time to sit in a café, people watch and doodle or brainstorm blog things.
  8. Visit somewhere you have never been - Whether it is a small town, a place you've always wanted  to go and never managed to get to: just go! You never know if that place will be your new favourite place.
  9. Visit a landmark - This may be very similar to 8, but I think it's a little different. By landmark I mean somewhere such as The Tower of London, The Angel of The North or Stonehenge. I really want to see Stonehenge for myself and find the idea of it very fascinating. I really want to tick it off my list this year, so I'm hoping to this summer.
  10. Make some money - You may be a little short on cash, or maybe you need to get rid of a few things, but making money could be fun if you do it in a creative way. I find the most fun way is setting up a car boot sale. Do it properly and find the right day and place and you could make some dollar and free up some space (to fill up with those pretty new clothes you already ordered....)!
  11. Practise a hobby - For me this would be drawing again. I honestly feel so detached from the thing I used to love and attained a degree in. Drawing let me create a little world or personality on paper, or practise my patience and concentration. Take your hobby to the next level, or if you've let it slide a little bit, do something about it. Don't procrastinate away from it!
  12. Experience an outdoor cinema - I've heard of a bunch of these around the country and I really want to visit one. There's ones where you sit in the car, some in a pool and some sitting in a park. But this is a different and very western experience in itself. Google your closest outdoor cinema and experience it! If you do it first let me know because I'd love your thoughts on it.
  13. Bike rides - Bike rides can be so much fun, especially in twos. I'm looking to invest in a bike soon with John - I want a Hybrid Pendelton bike: perfect for road or track, and he wants a mountain bike. I enjoy a good bike ride, and miss having myself a bike. Not only can it be a eco friendly way of travelling, it's a good way to stay active and explore new places.
  14. Have a Netflix Day - It's always going to be needed. A day in to watch episodes after episodes of Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black or Pokemon... Whatever you watch, a Netflix Day is a perfect way to chill out on a rainy day!
  15. Watch Something New - Maybe a little like 14, but find yourself something new to watch. I dislike having moments where I have 200+ Sky Channels and nothing to watch... Find a film you've never watched or a series and just enjoy experiencing a programme or film you didn't think you'd watch before.
  16. Read a book - Summer reads are very popular and I've bought myself 3 this year. I finally joined the bandwagon and bought The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, along with You're The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher and How To Fall In Love by Cecelia Ahern. Great for on the beach, just before bed or a relaxing sit in the garden.
  17. Hit the coast - Whether you visit the closest beach, the most popular or find yourself a new quiet spot. I think you have to see the sea once in the summer. The beach is my most favourite place to go and I can't go too long without seeing a beach. It's the place I feel most at peace.
  18. Cheeky shopping sprees - Oh why not!? Us girls need new clothes whether it be for a holiday, for now, or to update our wardrobes for the coming winter season. A shop is always needed no matter what and when, so give yourself a little pick me up if you've been working hard at school or at work!
  19. Watch a meteor shower - I believe this year's meteor shower peak is on the 12th August if you're in the UK and I think it would be pretty cool to lay in the garden and watch them. Weather permitting of course. It's not only cool, but it can be romantic and if you're a nerdy girl like me - quite fascinating!
  20. Fruit picking of your choice - This is something I've always wanted to do and I still want to do it. I heard Strawberry picking is supposed to be pretty nice, and although it's the simplest of things to get up to. In the right day and weather it's a lovely time consumer and you get a lovely hand picked treat out of it!
  21. Watersports - I've never experienced watersports that haven't involved a banana boat. Whether it's as mental as white water rafting or as calm and concentrated as rowing or canoeing, I'd love to try it. It just seems so much fun, and I'd love to experience some water sports this year.
  22. Leave your comfort zone or dare to wear something different - I'm often tempted to try new styles and worried about how they may look to others. I think this year I want to just wear what I want and leave my outfits on even if it's out of my comfort zone. That way I can become a more confident person and be more comfortable in wearing whatever I want to!
  23. Have a picnic - Picnics are not only yummy, but they can be romantic, chilled out and fun no matter how many people it is with. Just pack up, find a nice park or spot in a field - eat, chat, drink and smile.
  24. Visit a spa or experience a massage - I'm tempted to book a massage as I've never had one before. I'd really love to experience a all over body massage and a facial too. Something to relax my bones and  release tension in my muscles and something to leave my face feeling fresh and awake!
  25. Do not take any moment or experience for granted - As soppy as this may sound, and you may think it doesn't count as a "to do this summer" but... make every moment and memory count. Don't forget, experience, enjoy and live your summer to the fullest. Live life to the fullest! I honestly believe most of my summers are the heart of the best and favourite memories and moments.
I hope this helps you find something new to do this summer or inspires you to maybe write your own list. If it does, please link me, or let me know what you're interested in doing this summer. If you've got any different ideas, I'd like to read about them too and reply to your comments. I'd like to apologise for my absence too. I said I had lots to blog about, and I do but my mind is elsewhere at the moment. Bear with me. ♥

CAT xo

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  1. This is such a good list Cat! I often feel like I don't make the most of my summers so I'll be sure to check back here if I'm short on ideas :) x