My June

This month there has been a lot of booking things for next month and small spending! Sales launching and cute things catching my eye meant I've spent more that I'd like to. My eminem tickets have arrived too, which has got us hyped for our week off, and the concert of a lifetime! So a lot of prep happened this month.
Otherwise the weather has been on our side and I've been able to wear a bunch of my summer clothes as you've probably seen in my outfit posts! Judging by my Instagram round up above, florals have been my thing this month! I also did a carboot sale earlier on in the month which went okay, but not as good as I had hoped. I'm thinking I need to do another one again soon but I haven't got a full free weekend for well over a month now, so I think eBay will have to do! BUT if you have Depop, check my shop out on there! I'm at CatttSays!

Other than being floral and sunny, and planning lots for July, I've attended little things here and there like a housewarming BBQ, taking my Dad out got a lovely Father's Day meal and going for a mini shop at the end of the month. Not much really, but hey.... Next month is VERY busy!

Next month I'll definitely have lots to talk about. Expect Alton Towers, a possible West Country adventure, Eminem and Zoo Lates at ZSL London!

How has your month been for you?


  1. Super nice pictures my dear!

    much love xxx

  2. Eminem is one of my faves, have loads of fun at his concert! Nice pictures as well ;)!

    Evelin Kivi blog

  3. I need that phone case, its gorgeous!

  4. Sounds like a lovely chilled out month, your hair is so pretty in the photo of it tied back with the floral band! x

    The Little Things