Wishist #65 - Shop Jeen Edit

Pikachu Crop | Follow Pillow | Classy Bitch Pillow | Hollographic Clutch | Internet Tee
Ariel Tee | Emoji Hearts Top & Skirt | Jigglypuff Tee | Mermaid Pillow | Cat Pillow
Pokemon Shorts | Punk Peach Tee | Raise By Mermaids Tee | Iggy iPhone Case

Miss Trisha Paytas - YouTube's pretty, curvy blond bombshell from the USA is a super-chatty crazy gal who doesn't give a sh*t what people think about her, and is probably a Youtuber I didn't think I'd ever watch but I really enjoy her bubbly hyper personality and crazy haul videos! She inspired me to even look at the alternative website Shop Jeen resulting in a over the top wishlist of crazy fashion things I just need in my life. It's not to everyone's taste but I really would like to jazz up my room with some crazy pillows or buy a few fashion pieces that aren't everyday and feel more original. From crazy pokemon print shorts, to swear words on pillows, emojis on clothes and alternative cartoon girls... I think I want it all. I'll stop the line at having Ryan Gosling's face all over a pair of leggings, or THIS, but I did for a split second question the idea of Eminem's face all over a skirt just for the Wembley gig. The things these guys make are just crazay!
Have you had a look at Shop Jeen? What's the craziest item you'd purchase!?

CAT xo

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