Wishlist #64

Sweatshirt | Sweatshirt #2 | Watch | Tee
Backpack | Co-Ord Set: Skirt & Top | Jumper | Hoodie

I'm all for comfort combined with style, which is why I'm loving all these 'throw on' items such as the sweatshirts and thin knit jumpers. I've always adored Wildfox Couture's beautiful pieces but the price tag sends me looking for dupes.
I've also been looking for a cute backpack since I'm slowly accepting their cool status, especially after seeing this Grafea one... I love it! But again price tag has sent me looking for dupes too. Damn the hefty price tags on beautiful things!
I'm also often browsed Depop for bargains, but then find myself  on Mod Dolly's page admiring their co-ord sets. I'm really liking this macaroon print one from their new collection and although I may be one of the first blogger's to say that I don't like Macaroons, I think they're so pretty and LOOK so yummy. Unfortunately and I say this with sadness, they don't taste so good to me! I wish I liked them because they're so cute looking, so adoring them in print form makes sense to me.

My wishlists are getting super random again but I've got my next 'edit' one sorted for sometime near the weekend... There's just A LOT I like out there at the moment. My fave season yet! I'm turning into shopaholic Cat again. I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff if I'm going to buy anymore.

CAT xo


  1. I want that jumper so bad! Haha not even a full time blogger but would be totally hilarious :D
    Almsee x

  2. I love that Co-Ord set, I think it'd look lovely on you!
    Love, Eve

  3. I love that first jumper, it's so cute!

    Emma from http://www.masqueradebelle.co.uk

  4. This mod dolly co-ord caught my eye too- It would be so hard to choose from all the lovely ones they have though!! Gisforgingers xx