Tiny Tea 28 Day TEAtox - Week 2

So I'm back with my week 2 update, and I have to say, it's been a crazy hectic week! I've been touch and go with the teatox this week, so if you're keeping up to date with how I've been doing and interested in it for yourself, read on...

This week has been a tough one for being healthy. I've not been eating well all the time and I've not really been exercising. With starting my new job, and my daily routine changing drastically to what I've been used to for the last 3-4 years, I have found it just a little too difficult to juggle everything.
I've been eating out for most lunch times, and adding a few extra treats here and there, just because I've been a little hungrier after long days, learning a bunch of new things and generally using more energy than normal. I've also not really had the time to exercise, and it's been pouring down with rain every time I want to go out for a run! Damn rain...
BUT I've kind of already got used to my new routine, so I hope for a little more normality this week. I know that the above isn't really a good excuse for being too easy on myself, but it really has been hard to keep up with all the new changes and things going on. I am already back on regular exercise, eating well and super determined for that hot toned tummy I'm after!

I have although been very good and keeping up with the tea, and drinking it as instructed! I have only missed one tea over the last 2 weeks, and that was because I didn't have the time to drink one on a lunch break.
As for the results, I think I may have stayed the same in my tummy's physical appearance. I've again taken photos, but I plan on showing them at the end of the 28 days when there will possibly be a significant difference (I hope) from Day 1 to Day 28, that I will be comfortable sharing with you guys. I do already feel more confident in my own body, and I'm really working on getting the flat toned tummy I've been wanting for years!
I've pretty much cut out foundation during the week as I don't feel the need to wear it. I've been seeing a natural glow to my skin and noticing it is much clearer than it's ever been before! On top of that, my energy levels have stayed up, (apart from a day or two where I'd gone to bed ridiculously late) and I haven't felt bloated or uncomfortable for the last 2 weeks, which for me makes me feels amazing and so so happy, as it was a prolonged problem I had before.
I've also strangely found that I'm taking a small dislike to regular tea, with my usual milk and two sugars, and preferring to drink the Tiny Tea with a teaspoon of honey. Not only do I enjoy the flavour of the tea, but I'm enjoying the routine.

Like I said, I'm back to regular exercise and eating well, and I hope that now I'm slightly settled into my new job I can continue to be healthier and reach my final goal, which I decided is getting a flat toned tummy once and for all, and integrating a permanent healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and eating well. I'm trying to work on a 5:2 diet with 5 good (and strict) days during the week and not worrying too much about the weekend. We all know weekends are the hardest anyway!
If these updates are helpful then I'd love to know, and what you think of my teatox. And if you're thinking about doing a teatox yourself, I strongly recommend it. It takes determination and effort, two factors of which I've only developed recently, but I am determined to reach my goal, and I intend to be super strict on myself especially this week to kinda cover up for the bad week I've just had. I'm not proud of my last week, but at least I'm honest with how I've been doing!

CAT xo
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