Wishist #68

Cape | Fedora | Top | Boots | Jacket
Trainers | Cardigan | Midi Skirt | Bag | Necklace

The colours are getting autumnal now and I'm really inspired by them this year. Normally I'm not and sulking over the bright colours going away but this year is different. I'm really drawn towards pastel pink again, and the burgundies. And a hint of white to brighten up a a lovely, dark, autumnal outfit... and those light grey boots... Ah, they're just amazing! I'm really lusting over those grey boots the most... And after that I think I want the cardigan, trainer heels and I'm torn between the jacket and the cape for my number 4 spot. I need to invest in some staple pieces like those boots, jackets and breton stipes pronto and get rid of the things I never wear or aren't very versatile. It's so hard to clear out a wardrobe...  You never know when any of that stuff is coming back! #fashionbloggerproblems

CAT xo
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