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This November hasn't been as cold as I wished it would be. It sounds weird to say but when it's November you expect cold and the beginnings of Christmas. When the ice hits overnight for the first time you know it's winter and that means Christmas is coming! I've already heard all the Christmas music and seen all the lights in London, but I've been getting into the Winter/Christmas spirit in my own way - by enjoying countless hot chocolates, stacks and stacks of toast, buying Christmas things like nail polish and clothes and also taking my first visit to Winter Wonderland exactly a year after last time. Thanks for letting me know Time Hop. (best app everrr?)

This month has also been great for blogging and networking - I attended the Blogger Swap Shop with Sarah from Loved By Sarah and the M&Co SS15 Press Day (M&Co press day video here & my blog post here). They were both loads of fun to attend and I met a bunch of new blogger friends along the way!
On top of all that, I went to Winter Wonderland. I love the place and visiting with the girls I got the chance to browse the Christmas Market which I don't often get to with John - because let's face it... What boy likes shopping!? I'm planning on going again to see the attractions and eat all the amazing food, which is what I love Winter Wonderland for the most ♥ Who'd like to see a vlog of it next time I go?

This month's been a little long and quite the busy one too - and I don't expect next month to be any quieter! In fact I'm more than too excited about all the Christmas stuff going on and not to forget my own birthday which happens before Christmas. It's going to be a busy and expensive one.
Who's excited and prepared?

CAT xo
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  1. Ah jealous of your blog social butterfly-ing! I haven't done anything bloggy in yonks. Your makeup looks awesome in the third picture too xx