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This month has dragged! I hate to say it but I've been waiting for weather cold enough for coats, the ice on my car, a need to buy winter boots and the feeling of christmas. But no... it feels like the end of august and I'm never too sure on what I should be wearing in the morning!
Though this month has been a little long for me, I have had it jam packed with lots of happenings both good and ridiculous.
I've treated myself to a ridiculous amount of pick-me-ups... Coffees and Chai Lattes, pancakes with the boyfriend and then lots of bath soaks with Lush goodies. I've seen my friends a lot too - I've been to two birthdays, a couple of Christmas Fair Meetings with the ladies and I've even gone to a hen party and a wedding party this month. At the hen party I discovered my love for Jasmine tea and a dislike for sushi!
My ridiculous things this month have been getting a wisdom tooth out and two days later the second one hurting so much I need that one out this month! Also face painting myself as the Cheshire Cat for Halloween counts as ridiculous because I didn't do anything Halloweeny but take my little siblings trick or treating!
It's been a good month really, I just never have been a fan of October - the minute it hits the 1st November I'm all excited that it's Christmas very very soon and I'm so happy it's finally at that time - Bring me the cold, the snow and all that makes it the Christmas season! I'm off to paint my nails in the new Barry M Christmas Nail Paint to start it all off...

I hope you all had a good October, and that November is kind to you.
I'm looking forward to the Blogger Swap Shop this month and Christmas shopping! What are you looking forward to?

CAT xo
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  1. Great post and I love all the photos too! I have never tried Jasmine Tea before! :O definitely need to give this a go and I love the comforter bubble bar it smells gorgeous xx | Giveaway

  2. It looks like you've had a good month - though I know what you mean about it dragging on Gisforgingers xx