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Ehem. So yes... I did a vlog about my visit to Salon International and time there with KeraStraight! It's not the best vlog in the world but it is my first proper proper video on YouTube!
I still don't know how I feel about it! I feel awkward and cringy, but I'm somewhat proud of myself at the same time for doing it and also for how it turned out. Everyone's first video is not their favourite, but you have to start somewhere! Apologies for the sheer amount of 'erms', and 'so's.
But as I said, I did enjoy filming it and editing it, and I do have so much to learn about video and editing. For almost the entire year I've thought about creating my own little YouTube channel, and I didn't start it before because I was building up ideas and I still don't have a space to make them in, but if I didn't start now, I never would! I'm sure I'll be doing some more videos - favourites, tags, fun videos and outfits I'm thinking, but I'd also like to see what you guys think of my first one! Subscribe to me on YouTube if you would like to see more, it would be truly appreciated!
I waited a whole 24 hours before publishing it here on my blog and now I'm letting it loose for you to see! So be nice, leave constructive criticism if you like because I'd love to hear your opinions on both the idea of me doing YouTube and videos, and the KeraStraight Intense Boost Treatment which I dedicated a review post on here.
I created the video in the first place because I thought it would be fun and good to see what my trip to Salon International was all about and the vibe there! There was so much going on as you can see and where the trains and the venue itself was so busy, I couldn't do much talking or proper vlogging so there are huge jumps in places and I apologise for my lack of good continuity! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and please let me know what you think!

CAT xo
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