The Christmas/Birthday Wishlist

It is 36 days so it's about time I shared my Christmas list - last year I did it back in October! Wasn't I keen? The most tip top things on my wishlist this year are right in this post - most of them in need to replace the old, such as the robe, ipad mini case, make up brushes and tripod and the rest because they would make perfect additions in my life and I know they'd all be of use. No wishlisting the useless this year! Also - if you're wondering why this is a Christmas/Birthday wishlist - it's because it's my birthday 5 days before Christmas!

Vivienne Westwood Frilly Snake Bag | Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 | Yeti Robe | Cath Kidston iPad Mini Case
Pink Timberland Boots | Chanel Coco Noir | Real Techniques Make Up Brushes | Tripod 
Monty & Mabel Cushion |  Photography Book | Olivia Burton Watch | Pineapple Charm & Turtle Thomas Sabo Charms

The Vivienne Westwood is top on my wishlist this year, and though it is top - I wouldn't expect it under my tree! This is the something that I'm thinking of buying myself after Christmas. I've always wanted a designer bag, and I because I'll be 25 by Christmas and still not a proud owner of a beautiful bag such as this, I think it's about time. I'll be hoping it'll be available at the Bicester Village Vivienne Westwood as I'm planning a trip there a few days after Christmas! Yes pleaseeeeee.
Under the Christmas tree this year I would like to see Chanel Coco Noir the most. I smelt this on a total stranger back in January and plucked up the courage to ask her what it was, when she said I knew I'd need it in my life one day ♥ Staying on course with high end brands, I'm after these Timberlands in pink - I've always wanted the classic timbs, but after seeing these dusky pink my minds been changed. Also in pink, this Olivia Burton watch in rose gold! I love the simplicity and the mink leather wrist strap - beautiful!
The charms are always on my wishlist having a Thomas Sabo bracelet and of course, there's always going to be some sort of technology on here. The Instax Mini 8 is just what I need! I have a manual camera, and a digital, now all I need is a instant camera and I'll have a complete collection of different cameras in my life. All I would need after is that book, so I can learn all the photography skills I've forgotten since school.
Always on wishlists are gift cards for an excuse to spend and chocolate - Christmas isn't complete without chocolate and sweets is it!?

I think my Christmas/Birthday wishlist this year isn't too OTT like last year! I went back  to have a look and I pretty much asked for everything... Haha! What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?

CAT xo
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