The Gingerbread Lady

Gingerbread iPhone Case - Primark

Is it yet acceptable to have Christmas themed accessories in use!? Yesterday I swapped out my doughnut phone case for the newest addition to my collection of iPhone cases - the gingerbread lady! I know it's a lady because she has eyelash flicks and red lips!
I bought this case from Primark the other day and just fell for it and all it's Christmassy-ness! It fits the iPhone quite nicely actually and I won't worry about it breaking in this huge rubber case. And though it's absolutely huge, difficult to hold and totally impractical - I will make full use of it for the next month and a half because it's too cute and Christmassy not to! Now I just need the gingerbread clutch bag from New Look to go with it!

CAT xo
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  1. super cute phone case!

    xo T.

  2. Loveeeeee this! Never too early for a Christmas themed item :) x