What Cat Wore: Aztec in London

Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - MinkPink (via #VCSwapShop)
Biker Jacket - Primark
Boots - Sperry

These jeans are probably the brightest thing in my winter wardrobe right now - I say winter wardrobe... They're an all year, any time piece really. I adore them, and I feel so lucky to have picked them up and nabbed them in the VC Swap Shop a couple of weeks ago.
I wore this 'rock-chick-y' outfit to London last week for the M&Co Press Day! I may have been the brightest person there and looks right out of place, but hey-ho, when I wake up, I style my outfit to what I feel like wearing that day or what style I feel fits what I'm feeling that day. It's weird how it works out - how most of my outfits come to mind...

The way I style my outfits in the morning is with this quote in mind: "When a woman says she has nothing to wear she really means I have nothing for who I need to be that day" - Caitlin Moran. There's always something in my wardrobe a little like who I'm meant to be that day if not completely who I'm meant to be - and this day I needed to go a little rock chick! 

CAT xo
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  1. Love the rock chick look, these jeans are amazing! I'm always too scared to go for brights on my bottom half as I hate the shape of my legs!


  2. Your jacket is cute babe :) x