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On Pinterest this week I've been eyeing up everything Christmas and making a pin board of all the things that make Christmas time Christmas for me. Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year, and I love everything about it. Instead of explaining it though, I'll let the pictures do the talking - because who doesn't like browsing Pins? Link for this board >HERE<

 vintage christmas marketplace 2013 | Monticello Antique Marketplace: Shop Therapy....
Dresden - the oldest German Christmas Market. Germans do Christmas sooo well...Christmas shoppers browse the stalls at the opening of the traditional Christmas market in Bath
Christmas shopping, markets & fairs. Because nothing says Christmas prep like shopping!

weheartchristmas: Christmas light downtown (by me tell you a little story ...
The way it looks outside after it's snowed.
Or even when it hasn't. It's always more magical than any other time of year.

O Christmas Tree...Christmas Decorating #Christmas #TreeI think I'm going traditional Christmas this year. Red, green, and gold. hmmm
The tree! One of the most important things. I love a traditional tree and only sometimes one with a colour scheme. The best bit is decorating it whilst listening to Christmas music with loved ones. What is Christmas without a Christmas tree?

Christmas baublesOrnaments hung in the trees outside, good for all the cheap ones from Walmart I have left over
NOEL letters made from rustic wood plus a simple wreath. Love this presentation.Decorative candle lights for parties.  Use epsom salt to hold the candles in the jar - it glistens like snow for Christmas.Christmas Craft Ideas!
And with a tree comes beautiful decorations for the entire house. I've got a soft spot for hand crafted and home made decorations at the moment. And the simplistic shabby chic style.

boxwood clippings_christmas gift wrap: grey and goldchristmas-wrapping-ideas---red-and-white1
I think it would be a nice idea if we exchange gifts... Obviously it can't be on Xmas, but maybe afterwards sometime in January... Nothing big of course.. Maybe we can both set a limit..Gift Wrapping Ideas: For an elegant and natural gift, tie pine cones, small branches and other items from nature on with raffia ribbon. Using brown paper bags with the writing on the inside, tissue paper and other re-purposed papers, will make your gift eco-friendly.
Personally, I adore giving presents! I love wrapping them in specially selected wrapping paper and trying my hardest to make them look prettier than last year. I'm really loving the craft paper tags and twine this year and keeping a theme is my most favourite thing to do with wrapping!

A no-fail recipe! Roasted Turkey with Herb Butter & Roasted Shallots | #ThanksgivingGreen Bean Bacon Bundles | these things are seriously my favorite thing to make. There are never any leftovers!Apple Stuffed Pork Loin...apples, cranberries, walnuts, honey...
Rosemary roast potatoes Rosemary and potatoes are a match made in vegie-patch heaven - these are great served both hot and cold.Yorkshire Puddings. Part of mums Sunday lunch that I can't get enough of. She makes the best Yorkshire puddings!
Completely forget the desserts. I'm no dessert girl on Christmas Day. Give me the roast, the potatoes, the Yorkshire puddings and all the stuffing please! I also actually like Brussels sprouts. *New fact*

holiday open house, photos by buff strickland | Camille StylesLove the hair. Love the mistletoe. Love the picture.... Thinking about stringing some mistletoe between the trees in the front yard, lighting the house up with Christmas lights and taking a picture with us and the dogs out front!?! ... Christmas is coming people!!! =)how to set your camera for a glowing photo
Being with wonderful people and making them smile and happy. The look on my little sibling's faces at Christmas is priceless, spending time with special friends is too. And I just am at the top of the happy charts when I'm with my boyfriend making the tree, shopping and enjoying our favourite time of year together.

Such a cool idea for holiday pics. @Rhia Bucklin Johnson This is what I was talking about trying RhiRhi#HorchowHoliday14christmas
christmas photography ideas - #christmas, #christmaslights by AnnetteB www.photoideashop.comChristmas
Christmas makes everyone happy. I grew up knowing the story about Christmas and learning all the little things about it that made it the day it is. It isn't just about presents and dinner though that tops it off completely! To me, I love spending a day with the people I love and seeing them all. Sharing a meal that we all enjoy and making a party of it. Giving presents because I want to show them how much I love them and the thought that  went into the gift. And to receive them is of course really lovely too - because they thought of you.

I love everything Christmas. But my favourite might have to be giving gifts - because it's the reaction that makes me happy. When they like it of course!
What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

CAT xo
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