Christmas/Birthday Wishlist 1.2

Okay. So after posting my last Christmas/Birthday wishlist all the online Christmas shopping and reading Christmas gift guides have led me to finding a bunch of stuff I'd love to have in my possesion this year. All these things I would love in my life and I promise I'll make full use of them if I got them! So Dear Santa.... I missed a few things out! *insert cheeky monkey emoji*

Babyliss Deep Waves Styler | Lush Sweet Christmas Set | Dog Handbag | Middle Earth Leggings
Nike Air Max Thea | Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2
Lion Hood Fur Parka | Thigh High Boots | Cat Mug

So I don't really NEED the things on here but would like. Compared to my first Christmas/Birthday list of the year in which I would either really really love or would be replacing things I need to replace.
The Babyliss Deep Waves styler would be so much fun to have, because I have my straighteners and I have my curlers but I don't have anything to make some really cool waves with! After watching tons of tutorials, there's so many styles I'd like to try with this! Along the lines of beauty too, I've been after the Naked 3 palette and the Rihanna 2 lipstick for a long time... It's just justifying the money. And the the contents of that lush set = amazing.
Trainers are a rarity in my shoe collection, and I'd love to invest in a pair of decent trainers, and I've been eyeing up the Nike Air Max Thea ones for a long time. I like them all but I'm goo-goo eyes for the all white ones! Thigh high boots too would be awesome! They're so big this year and I think they'd just look great... especially with those Middle Earth leggings I've had on countless wishlists throughout my wishlist series.
I've started to think I need a casual coat in my life and I'd want a really good one that would just be perfect and stylish in any weather. This one here has fur all on the inside (!!!) and I just need it.
Last but not least, novelty gifts are a must - and a mug is classic with Christmas gifts. A cat mug please? And a contrasting over the top dog handbag please! I know it sounds ridiculous but I'd probably use it... And a lot too!

So that's it! The last of my Christmas/Birthday wishlist for the year. It's a huge wishlist but count it as a gift guide too... there might be something here you'd buy one of the ladies in your life, or even ask for yourself!

What are you asking Santa for this year?

CAT xo
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  1. Ooh my birthday is near Christmas too! I love that parka coat
    Daniella x