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Oh, so what is this you ask? Well, I've decided it would be a great idea to do a monthly post of the things I've liked on the internet each month and sharing them with you. From posts on YOUR blogs and YouTube videos, and maybe a few things like websites and what not. We'll see how this goes... Onwards to the post!
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Blog Posts

What Olivia Did | Why I'm okay with not drinking, and you should be too
So the ever so lovely Olivia wrote a post I could 1000% relate to! The title says it all, and though I love reading blog posts, I'm a huge skim reader. But I read every word of this post, and she really made a lot of sense to me and I started to become even more okay with not being a drinker and all that stuff that goes with it. Honestly - read it.
Fashion InFlux | Nude & Grey
I've been adoring all of Lydia's posts recently. I think she has such an amazing sense of style, and tbh let's face it - I'm jealous. I keep wondering why I can't pull together outfits like her and she looks like she's ready for LFW in every outfit! Overall she's been a favourite blogger to read this month, but this nude and grey outfit is my favourite of the month. You need to follow her.
BeautyCrush | The Chunky Jumper Dress
I need a jumper dress in my life, and Sammi has urged the want so much more now. She looks rocking in hers and styled it in the most beautiful simple way.
What Laura Did | Christmas Decoration Guide
Ah, Laura's got me all excited for decoration shopping and Christmas trees with her bauble decoration guide! I'm after the novelty ones she posted. It's a pretty good one, and it's got me hyped up for Christmas. 

Favourite Blogs this month: A Little Boat Sailing | Copper Garden | Lydia Rose

YouTube Videos

PointlessBlogTV | Nala Arrives Home
This man has gone on for a very long time about getting his little puppy pug, in black, and calling her Nala. He's only gone and done it and my god she's just too cute!
EssieButton & VelvetGh0st | Non-Beauty Favourites & What's In Our Bags
This duo had me giggling throughout BOTH their videos that I couldn't just pick one. I love them both separately, but they make quite a funny pair together. I think I liked them more for the dialogue between the two rather than what the videos were about! Ha.
ThatcherJoe | Ultimate Balloon Prank
There's nothing more to say about this than - the prank war goes on. Watch it - it's brilliant!

On top of these The John Lewis Christmas Advert #montythepenguin, Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin' video and the #VCSwapShop vlog - because I was there!
Favourite YouTubers this month: Cherry Wallis | Helen Anderson | Grav3yardgirl
Online Shopping

Urban Outfitters
At Christmas I'm on there 24/7... leading to some Black Friday purchases for mahselffff. I love their gift collections and I'm always looking at what crazy book I want next from there - because they do the coolest books. And I'm also eyeing up a tartan throw for my future bedroom.
Because if you can't find what you want anywhere else - Amazon. And 90% of the time cheaper too.
I've shopped on Very recently and I've had a million questions about a million things and I cannot fault their awesome customer service. That live chat thing is so handy, and the people on the other end are always so lovely! Plus that free treat with every purchase deal is pretty awesome.

SO. Those are my internet loves this month. I'm sharing some major blog/youtube love this month! With the cold settling in, I've been in my bed reading blog after blog and watching video after video. It was hard to choose my ultimate faves, but I think I shared enough love this month! If your blog or YouTube channel is on here and I've mentioned you, thanks for the great content and I hope you don't mind me sharing your links on here! And thanks for visiting too! :)
As for my links: My favourite of my own posts this month is my Christmas/Birthday Wishlist! Check it out ;)

CAT xo
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