2015 Goals

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Hello 2015. What have you got in store for me?

I intend on 2015 being my year. A year for being better, achieving more and smiling until my cheeks hurt! 2014 just wasn't my year, and it isn't a year I want to forget, but not one I want to think a lot about either. Instead of thinking about all the things that happened last year, I'm going to be focusing on all my goals for this year. This year, I make no resolutions - I'm giving myself goals to reach! Whether it be big or small, if I achieve them, it'll make me a whole lot happier and I know it!
I have goals I want to achieve in my life and I have goals I want to achieve with my blog. This year, I want it to be my year and I don't want to wait for it to happen, I'm going to make it happen! Look at me, being all confident and s**t!
So what are my goals for 2015? Here's 5 of each.

  • Financially, I want to be happy. I want to have saved, I want to have earned well and I want to have lived whilst doing all that too. It is possible, and I know it is! I spent too much time recently dwelling and stressing about saving part that I stopped enjoying life and got myself really down about it - so screw that. As the common saying goes: Life's too short. And for me it's too short to worry about the far future so much that you stop living and enjoying your present!
  • Another amazing holiday. This year me and John decided we're planning our holiday far ahead! There's so many places in the world we want to go to, that we want to tick another one off this year and make it amazing. I wrote a post last year with our travel bucket list and now it's a case of choosing a location... So where should we go this year?
  • Get A Passport! Okay, this sounds like a weird one but I haven't had a passport for a very long time. I've been travelling Europe on my Portuguese National ID Card and it runs out very soon - I want to finally get a proper passport again so that I can go anywhere in the world no problem. If I do this I'll be quite happy with myself because I've been meaning to get one for over a year... Oops.
  • FINALLY get healthy. Yes, yes, yes I know. This is everybody's goal, how are you any different!? I want to do this more for my physical health than anything else, I need to start exercising and getting into a good habit of eating well. I actually enjoy eating well it's just I have an awful habit of kicking into cravings. This year, I'll get into my running and I'll be eating better than ever! I want to see happier skin, a happier tum and a flat one too!
  • DRAW. I miss drawing... I've come to a point where I'm starting to miss grabbing a pencil and drawing something. Anything! University kinda killed art for me for a while, but I've got the urge to be artistic again and I'm excited about it! I want to be able to draw again, and once I have my new room at home I'll start practising again and I want to be good at it. I've already looked into getting a bunch of books about drawing and art... I really miss what I actually have a degree in!

  • Reach 1000 Blog Followers. This is a big one. But this year I really want to make something out of my blog and I want people to enjoy it. It seems silly to have a follower goal, but I can't help but be honest to myself... I love seeing the follower counter tick up. I am just under 500 followers, and I want to reach 1000 by the 31st December 2015. I'd be so so happy if I made it, and I know if I work hard enough I can do it. I think my blog is good enough - I have faith in me and my little internet space!
  • Be a YouTuber. I have played with the idea of YouTube for well over a year now, and last year I did make a couple of videos, one of which hit 100 views the other day. As small as that little milestone is to some, it is a milestone for me and I think I'd have a lot of fun doing YouTube, and I've always wanted to do it. It's getting me out of my comfort zone and I'm always so excited and happy about filming things... It's just a case of actually uploading something now. I do have a channel which you can subscribe to here: Cattt Says!
  • Reply to comments & comment on blogs more! I somehow just stopped replying to all my comments and I feel like a bit of a biatch for doing it! I PROMISE you all that I do read and appreciate every single comment, but this year I plan on replying to them. I also plan on commenting on other posts more, I started sharing the blog love by posting my internet favourites each month, but I want to on a regular basis by sharing the love with a little comment.
  • Take better photographs. I recently got a new tripod, and a book about photography all Christmas/Birthday gifts in aid to better my photography skills. It would be a challenge and a half but I think I could get a lot better at photography this year, and I feel it would help me so much in my blogging, with all my style posts and monthlies. I used to be good... I don't know what happened!
My other goals were to be planning ahead, and to try sticking to a schedule but life is too spontaneous for a schedule and I got the hang of pre-planning posts last year. Whoop-whoop!

I think my goals are reasonable and very much possible. And though the road ahead to complete all these will be tough and have a million hurdles in my way, I'm so excited to start them and soldier on right through with them! I want to get to the end of December and feel accomplished and unstoppable. I don't want any laziness or stress this year and though I can't promise on those things, I can only prevent them as much as possible. Here's to a year of positivity, happiness and success!
I'll be a happy, financially stable, successful girl with a lovely little proud-worthy blog by 2016.
Who will you be?

CAT xo
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