Internet Favourites #2

Last month, I'll be honest - I didn't spend that much time on the internet. I watched videos to kill time on my lunch breaks and I had so much going on with real life that I didn't actually internet as much as I usually do! I'm sure this was the same for most... That said I still have my Internet Favourites from December. Click the links, love them too ♥

Blog Posts

L.E.M. | The Coat That Thinks It's A Dressing Gown - This post made me fall in love with a pair of shoes that I thought I'd never be 100% into getting. The over-the-knee boots look amazing, but I've never found a pair I believed would look good on me, or when I did - actually looked horrid. These although, look perfect and Lydia styles them perfectly with a pair of jeans, polo neck and the most beautiful coat too! I'd obsessed over this look last month, and I still am! Spot on Lydia.
Milk Bubble Tea | It's Beginning To Look A  Lot Like Christmas - I love Becky's blog. Her photos are impeccable and her bedroom is to die for. This post although got me well over excited for Christmas and it really felt like one of the most Christmassy posts I'd read. I couldn't help decorate my own room and get the candles out with inspiration from this ♥
LLYMLRS | My Fiat 500 - OMG Lily, your car is the dream. I long for a Fiat 500 just like this one and I couldn't help but swoon over Lily's new car for a really long time. It's so beautiful and in the colour I want too...! I'm totally jealous and there's no doubt or denial in that. I absolutely love her keyring too... Tres Chic
Favourite Blogs I Read Last Month: Dizzybrunette3 | She Might Be Loved | Style & Sushi

YouTube Videos

Pointless Blog | The Christmas YouTuber Challenge - I love all these funny challenges. I know it's so typical of a popular YouTuber to do but I really do enjoy watching them because they make me laugh and they are a bit of light entertainment! This challenge with Joe, Zoe and Alfie was so funny more for the competitiveness between Zoe and Joe - typical sibling rivalry right there. Also Alfie's rhymes were awfully funny!
VelvetGh0st | DIY East Christmas Treats - I adore these treats created by Gabby! They're so cute and so easy, I forgot to make these but I still want to try the little pretzel reindeers because they look yummy and are pretty clever. I also love listening to Gabby - she has that sort of voice you want to listen to all the time . And her singing! I like her singing ♥
BFvsGF | Playing With X-Mas Balls (Vlog) - I love watching the PvP vlogs, but I particularly loved this one. Firstly I enjoy the putting up of a good Christmas Tree and they have the same tradition I have with John of buying a couple of new special decorations each year, which I think is really cute :) If you don't watch their vlogs you should - Bamboo and Nayla are just adorable!
Favourite YouTubers I Watched Last Month: NikiNSammy | BeccaRose | Jenna Marbles

What are your favourites from the internet last month?
CAT xo
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