I've Been Nominated! Vote For Me?

YES YES YES! I've been nominated for a Women are B.E.S.T 2015 Awards! These awards run by Want Her dress celebrate all the bloggers who are Brilliant, Empowering, Stylish & Talented! (If you haven't noticed yet, those qualities spell out BEST!)

I've been nominated for the Best Fashion Blogger Award!!! And I would be soooo super excited and ridiculously happy, chuffed, appreciative, alllll those lovely things IF you voted for me today! It would be an honour to be voted for, and I feel like I've really progressed both in my blog and my style sense too over the last year - take my What I Wore in 2014 post for an example and my new blog look. I've been a part of the blogging community for 4 and a half years now, and I'm always finding ways of being a better more interactive blogger. Because of my little internet space I dress better, I've met wonderful people, I've been given the opportunity to attend some amazing things and I've joined a community so positive and inspiring how could you not want to be a part of it? I love blogging style and fashion and blogging has become a big part of who I am, so it's very important to me! And on top of that I love each and every one of you readers.
I hope you take those 2 spare minutes to vote because it would be absolutely mental to win an award, especially for fashion blogging!
All you have to do is click THIS link, or any other link on this post, find my name: CAT LAVOS and vote for me using your email address!
♥ Thank Youuuuu ♥

CAT xo
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  1. Congratulations on being nominated - very well deserved! I'll definitely be voting & am looking forward to see who's been nominated for the other categories! Mwah! Xx

    Tania | whentaniatalks.blogspot.co.uk