Life Diary | January

Hell-oo-o--ohhh, Goodbye January, Where did you go!?
This has definitely been a month for improvements and big time changes. I've made some changes to myself which I don't know has come with 2015 goals or becoming 25 but I finally said good riddance to my hoarding bad habit when I de-cluttered and threw away so so many bags of old things that I kept for no reason: clothes, shoes, books and art things I never use. I literally have probably a third of the things I had before. Why keep those shoes you never ever ever wear, and why keep endless books that you'll never ever read huh, and use that new space you're getting wisely!
Talking of new spaces: this month bought a big change at home for a while too as I move in with my grandparents for a few months whilst they rip my house apart and make it pretty again. I'm so excited for the big change and it is a little weird being in a different house in a different street but it's nice too. With this big change at home rooms are getting bigger, the layout will be different and as I've said in countless posts before - I'll be getting a space of my own as we will be building an extra bedroom. 
Nothing else really exciting happened, but it had been a good month and a great start to the year. Though no more has happened in January I have plans for March and the summer time. In March John and I will be doing our much loved trip to a lodge with a private hot tub but we'll be visiting a different area which we're very much looking forward to, and then in the summer as well as a holiday abroad, a group hike up Snowdonia in Wales is in the planning process to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. All exciting things. This year is looking pretty good so far!

I hope your January has been treated you well, and February is even better.
I haven't got any February plans. Boo. Have you?

CAT xo
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