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Life got busy since January hit and not that anyone's going "omg, what's Cat up to right now", I thought I'd still do a life update. And because it's nice to share all the exciting and positive things going on and also have a little ramble about other things that don't fit in other posts.

- So first things first, you may have noticed I have a different background when it comes to outfit posts. And that's because I am currently living with my grandparents for a few months whilst builders basically strip my house to bricks and mortar and work on creating what will look like a new house. My parents have worked really hard to be able to do this and I'm excited for them to be able to create the home they've always wanted and because even though I am a twenty something living at home, I'll be acquiring a space of my own for the first time basically - ever. So it's pretty exciting for me. The works happening pretty quick, and I'm enjoying my first experience of having my own space here at my grandparents too as I've got the spare room to myself! I've shared a room for all but a year of my life so you can imagine how blissful this is for me. Bonus too: Its got a good  photo-taking spot!

- If you saw my last post you'll know that I finally started my YouTube channel properly! I'm actually uploading another one as I type, and I just have to say I'm excited to be doing something new and  fresh this year that I can incorporate into my blog as well as actually starting something I'd been thinking about doing for the whole of 2014. So if you'd like to see what I'm getting up to on YouTube you can subscribe to me >here< or type 'Cattt Says' in the search bar!

- Valentine's Day just happened too. I love being spoilt and an excuse to do something romantic ut both me and John don't get the crazy hype. We celebrate it quietly at home and get each other cards and something small! Do we need to go to so much effort for one day? We're are both in agreement that we don't understand why you need a specific day to spoil the one you love - it would be more romantic to do it on a spontaneous day 'just because'. Aren't we right? That said, me and John made it an excuse to have a nice night in with a curry. Little did I know he'd surprise me with a lovely steak dinner (good old George Foreman) and a beautiful bunch of roses too. N'awww ain't he just the sweetest?

- Next month, John and I will finally be having our first week off work since September! It's been way too long so we're seriously overdue some time off and we've booked a week break away in a lodge, with a private hot tub again. Sounds bliss doesn't it? It really is!!! We've gone with the same company we booked with last time, but this time we're going to a different holiday park to explore a different part of the country we've both not been to. I cannot wait to get there and enjoy little things like quiet mornings, cuddling on a sofa, drinks in the hot tub and a bath filled with lush products! We're just so excited to have somewhere to get away to for a whole week!

- 50 Shades Of Grey. I didn't read the books and I don't think I'll be watching the film, just because it never interested me personally but I am now intrigued and it does sound quite the read when it comes to the books. That said! I am very much enjoying watching all the review videos and reading all the Twitter and Facebook rants and debates about why it's so wrong or the best thing ever. I loved this video from the Today Show in Australia and I cried with laughter at Kingsley's video where he read parts from the book. I'm not agreeing nor disagreeing with any of these people and I don't see why people are getting so irate about it all whatever the opinion but it is quite the entertainment... Keep it comin'!

A classic pancake recipe can never be in short supply in a hungry household. Try this one out and savour it on rainy days or Sunday mornings.
source: pinterest

- It's Shrove Tuesday tomorrow, or for most of us Pancake Day. I can't wait to sink my teeth in some yummy pancakes and I should be giving up something for lent but I don't know what. I'm thinking those devilish Reese's Peanut Butter Cups because I may be slightly too obsessed with them right now. It's actually a pretty good excuse to try...

- Talking of Peanut Butter Cups. I should explain myself as to why I love them so much. Or better yet the inventor for how he ended up creating the most unhealthy but yummiest treat ever. I've become that crazy about them I made some peanut butter cup cookies the other day. I'd like one of the Reese's peanut butter Easter bunnies too please. I only tried one to see if I liked them... I didn't expect an obsession to happen. It's not my fault. *cough* lies *cough*.

- Lastly, I'd like to update you on how I'm feeling about me and my blog recently. I am so happy with where I am with my blog at the moment. I'm really enjoying blogging for myself and not looking at my stats a fraction as much as I used to. I don't think about it as much any more and I don't get down over it. I just blog what I like so I feel like and it's finally starting to take shape and be the blog I always wanted it to be. I think I lost my way a little last year but I am in a great place right now and I'd like to think the YouTube thing has given me a new and exciting platform to fuse with it. I'm feeling more drive towards it, I'm more passionate and inspired and I love and enjoy creating my content. I hope you're enjoying it too and I'd like to know what you like seeing on here. What are you favourite posts? And if you have any comments you'd like to share I'm happy to take anything whether it be a compliment or constructive criticism!

I hope you have a good week ahead of you
and I'd love to read some of your feedback if you have any ♥

CAT xo
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  1. I LOVE pancake day! Greatest day of the year! Hope you have lots of lovely pancaky goodness! Realy good to hear that you're feeling happy with your blog too - I think it's important to blog what matters to you and not for the numbers and sometimes it'll surprise you, readers enjoy seeing you, not always necessarily the PR friendly you! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth