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I actually regretted dying my hair back to a dark chocolate brown from having bright red hair, but I only did it because it wasn't suiting me anymore and I was spending ridiculous amounts of money sorting out my hair every month. That said, I also did it because another idea came to mind, and it's becoming time that I actually try out the idea.
The idea is to have a 'Katy Perry Purple' underlayer in my hair so that a beautiful dark and vivid purple can poke through, twist in plaits and when up show off the colour in all it's glory! I've been thinking about this for quite a few months and I bit the bullet on Saturday, and it went perfect apart from the fact that my hair went a little pink, but nothing I can't correct! It only made sense for my Pinspirations Monday that I would share with you my ideas and where I got them from.

the inspiration
for my mother this with a little less purple could maybe be acceptableeyes, guilty pleasure, hair, katy perry  #hair #purple #cute www.loveitsomuch.comKaty P rocking her dip-dye! For fresh colour like this you need to come into the salon and see one of our talented team call us 01926 831478 #loveleam # hothair
the colour
It looks great *-*COLORFUL HAIR purple done right | photoshopped but still pretty.
Some times I wish my hair was straight like this...or in dreadlocks. Instead I have pain in the butt curls I can do nothing with. #hatemyhairMermaid hair! I wanna do this for underlayers!Purple ombre hair...wish I was this brave
A vivid purple, of any tone as long as it's quite royal - if not dusty.
And yeah I think I could go a little crazy eventually and want mermaid colours in with my purple.

the underlayer style
Multicoloured underlayer.underlayer of hair dyed hairstyles - Google Searchpurple lowlights - Google Search
brown hair with pink underlayer - Google Searchbrown hair with blonde underlayer - Google Searchblue and blonde hair, hair colors, hairstyles, colored hair, colorful hair

the hairstyles
Dyed underlayer of hairI like the amount of hair dyed; possibly the colortumblr pastel hair. brunettes can have pastel hair to!
of course there's many more but these are the ones I found that I really liked to emphasis that underlayer.

My hair came out exactly as it should have except for the fact it dyed pink instead of the purple I was hoping for. I used the Live Color XXL in Purple Punk, and the pink tones grabbed a hold better and I'm assuming because I still have a slight red pigment to my hair. Either way I need to find the right purple dye.  And I can't seem to find a good drugstore one to make it that perfect purple! If you have any ideas pleaaaaaase comment them down below as I'd love to take a look at anything possible right now!

CAT xo
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  1. Katy Perry's hair is gorgeous! If I ever dyed my hair I would want it to be like that <3 Gisforgingers xx