Video | Valentine's (& More) Lush Haul

Most of you wouldn't know that I actaully have a YouTube channel called Cattt Says. And recently I uploaded a Valentine's (and more) Lush Haul where I shared the things I recently bought in my local Lush from the Boxing Day Sale to the Valentine's Day collection.
Though my channel is pretty new, I am keen to get it going as it's something I spent a whole year thinking about and never doing! So this year I thought why not!? I uploaded two videos towards the end of last year but never did anything after that. So now I'm back on my there with my Lush haul and feeling positive about my start to youtubing along side blogging! I enjoyed filming this a lot and it's such a great way to show the products and talk about them quite easily and naturally without the tediously long paragraphs to read through, especially since I like keeping things on my blog quite simple. Either way, with Valentine's Day tomorrow, It made sense to share the video for you guys right here.

I hope you enjoy it, and please Subscribe to me! You'd be making me a very happy Cat!
And whether you're single or not I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day tomorrow
♥ Love you all! ♥

CAT xo
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