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I am still really into planning my new bedroom at the moment and I keep particularly looking at bedroom linens now, because these will be the pieces that really change the room. I think the theme I want is still sticking - monochrome with flashes of pastel colours, particularly pink. But I think now I want the monochrome to be really strong, and I've decided I'd love black curtains and I haven't really looked at curtains until now. I saw both of these curtains from Yorkshire Linen and they have some pretty good prices! I was looking at the sheer ones on the top left, because they'd look great going all the way to the floor even with the tiny window I'll have, but then I came across this beautiful black one with the sequin panelling running across the top and I kinda made up my mind that that is the one I need! It's got glamour and style written all over it and would be the main black piece in my new room. It may darken the room a bit but I plan on having a very white room otherwise. It may work!
As well as curtains I've looked into what duvet covers I'd be into and I'd love to add some black and white ones in there, I particularly love these two sets from IKEA, the floral one is definitely on a permanent wishlist.
Of course, bedrooms are not complete without a rug, cushions and some blankets or throws. I adore this pink fluffy rug from UO, and after deciding I'd like black curtains, I couldn't possibly have a black rug, so I might settle for bubblegum pink! I'm all about the comfort too so this fluffy and soft theme continues when it comes to extra bed warmth and these blankets and throws look so pretty and comfortable to chuck over the bed and wrap up in.
I'm desperate to start decorating my new bedroom. There's so much going on, and the builders are working quite quickly so I'm really impressed, and excited to see what the end result is. My parents told me my room is going to be quite small, but I'm not bothered at all! I've seen lots of pinterest ideas for small rooms, and I'm just eager to see what I'm working with when it's all finished. Too much excitement!
I need help though readers - do you think the black curtains would work for a monochrome style room, mainly in white? Comment your thoughts please! ♥ 

CAT xo
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