Life Diary | February

I keep forgetting how short February feels, thus almost forgetting that I would be posting my monthly update about now. It hasn't been an interesting month really, and it's been a little difficult being away from home-home if I'm totally honest.

I've missed my little Dolly dog the most this month - a hell of a lot. It's hard knowing she's living in a different house at the moment, and I've been enjoying going over to my aunts to have a little cuddle and walk with her but it breaks my heart to leave! I just want our house to be finished so she can roam free and attack us in our beds again for a cuddle ♥
Valentine's Day was upon us this month, along with pancake day. Valentine's Day was more romantic than expected when John cooked me a surprise dinner and bought me the loveliest bunch of roses. I still have one left in a small vase on it's own. It was a lovely day and thought we don't really "do" Valentine's Day it's a good excuse to see each other and have a nice meal together. As for Pancake Day I pigged out at our local pancake house and ate the yummiest and biggest cinnamon, banana, maple syrup and ice cream pancake! I had to try and finish my little sister's one too, but it was too hard - I'd already annihilated my own to my filling point.
Apart from those two main events, the only other exciting thing was that I dyed the underlayer of my hair! It turned pink when I first did it, but since then I've re-done it purple like I wanted it, but it isn't the effect I was hoping for and I'm kind of disappointed because it's not as vivid as I expected it to be. I think I'm going to let it wash out and go back to the pink... I like that more. I'm thinking of doing a video with all the hairstyles I've been doing to show off that under-layer of colour. Would any of you girls be interested in watching that? Let me know!

This March is going to be more exciting. I have a week off as of tomorrow with John which I'm hoping will be super relaxing, fun and I'll have lots of photos to share after, and maybe even a vlog!  I'm so excited to be going somewhere and having time off since we both haven't been off for the last 6 months! I'm also hoping to go to a couple of events if I can and I have a day trip into London next week too. Here's to a fun-filled March and actually here's to spring being here too!

What are you looking forward to this March?

CAT xo
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  1. Definitely going to check out your Instagram! It's super inspiring. :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! That's so lovely :) hope you like it! X