Never Lose Your Keys Again

What is this you ask? A keyring. But not just any keyring. This Kease keyring is the answer to your key losing problems by saving you from losing your keys ever again in a clever but simple way! Read on to find out more...

I was lucky enough to meet Sue who created Kease keyring, as a solution to save you from rummaging through your handbag looking for your keys. Because we all know, we spend ridiculous amounts of time looking for them in the abyss that is our handbag. She told me about her invention, about the designs on the keyrings (which are created just for Kease!) and how she found out that this was more than just a handbag solution!

As you can see from the demonstration photo above, the keyring also works to clip onto your clothing, so for those who like going out for a run like me, you have somewhere to put your keys! I've been caught out a couple of times when people have had chased me when I've got headphones in to give me the keys I just dropped and this keyring has been a big help to avoid that situation happening again! And it saves me having to hide it in the garden instead. I've also been using it on my bag sliding it on the opening of the bag, and I haven't lost my keys once since Bloggers Fashion Week!
It's been a lifesaver when I'm in a rush and I can't think of anything negative to say about it. It's pretty, it's handy and it also the panic of thinking you've lost your keys. I love my Kease keyring and I think any girl with the same issue would too! You can buy them on the Kease website in a bunch of different pretty designs and colours and at £6.99 I don't think it's expensive at all seeing as the price sits well in the mid range of other keyrings I've seen online that are for fashion purposes only.
It's simply a great keyring and there's nothing much else to say about it but that now, but that I do truly love it for saving my butt on busy days and on runs! I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.

CAT xo
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