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Striped Skirt | High Neck Cami | Sleeveless Duster Coat | '?' Bag
Embroidered Dress | Cactus Dress | Marble Top | PU Skirt | Sandals

I can't help but suddenly change my favourite colour schemes, because they're always something new and pretty in the fashion world. How can you ever be on trend!? At the moment I'm seeing a big love for baby blue, pink and white. I always loved white, and I love how much popular it is this season but I didn't know how much I'd love this blue colour! ♥ LOVE. It could be because the sun is coming out and spring is upon us, but who's complaining!? Because I sure ain't! Right now I could happily live in denim, white and all the things on this post plz. Especially shoes and that cactus dress.... Gimmie.

CAT xo
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  1. I love a mint green/baby blue colour (it featured on my blog today actually) :) The Cactus Dress is a really cool print!! Gisforgingers xx