My April

"Turn off your computer and go outside".

I think I may have subconsciously told myself this in April because I kinda disappeared off of Twitter, Instagram and my blog over the last month. It's been hard though through April. I'm really starting to become home sick and though there is only about 4-5 weeks left until I move back into our house once it's finished I'm missing everything and anything like crazy. Family the most - I feel guilty now about it, but I used to groan at the idea of sitting there and even just watching TV together since I'm very much a person who likes to spend time alone. I miss my dog barking at the door for the post and how she says hello to everyone when they come home, and I just miss the people I'm so used to seeing everyday without fail. We're very lucky to be having so much work done in our house to make it a nicer house. But I'm kinda happy about it because it's also helped me think about the people who are close to my heart - if you catch my drift?
I also miss stupid things like having a choice of all my shoes, and my hair curlers, being able to cook whatever I want when I want and a million TV channels to choose from with nothing to watch. I'm going all #firstworldproblems here, but you don't know how much you miss personal possessions until you don't have them. I know I'll appreciate them more because of it.

Apart from being outside and spending a lot of time with the family having dinners out, going to the cinema, bowling and shopping for home-wares, I've had lots of up and coming things happening for What Cat Says which I can't wait to share with you this May. I have a few collaborations and other things happening which is pretty exciting for me and I hope it is for you too, so I'll be back on the regular blogging bandwagon with lots of different things this May! It's going to be a good one.

Looking Forward To: blogging lots, the end of the month for my week holiday (not to wish the month away but hey!), moving back home, getting fitter for the summer and doing some exciting new stuff in my job. What are you looking forward to this May?

CAT xo
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