My May

The month of May seemed super long, and probably because I was wishing my month away being so excited for my week off this first week of June. I know it's silly to wish time away, but when you have something so nice to look forward to, you want it there quickly. May was boring though. I casn't lie and say I did lots, because I didn't do much else but work and blog a bit.

I do although have two highlights of May, and my first in pancakes with my girlfriends at Potty Pancakes in Potters Bar. It was a lovely night full of catching up, and the best pancakes you've ever had if you've never been to America. I had bacon and maple syrup which I'd been craving for a while, but most of the other girls had sweet ones. It was so so good and I can't wait to go back again and try one of their sweet pancakes this time.
The second highlight of May was right at the very end. Last weekend I had my aunt and uncle (also my godparents) come over from France. It was SO lovely to see them both and I was so happily surprised when they came to say hello to me at work as I hadn't seen them yet upon their arrival. They were only here for two days, but in those two days we did lots - we went shopping, out for dinner at a casino, to the park, had a pub lunch and finished it all off with some bowling. It was sad to see them go back home so soon, but I'm glad I got to spend lots of time with them those two days and spend it well!

This month I've got a couple of things planned especially with my week off being here! And though I did have a boring May, I've made myself a small promise to do more. My thoughts are that small adventures like eating at a new restaurant, or taking a walk in a new park will make a life a little more interesting and inspiring. What do you think? I'd love some suggestions of places to go and things to see in the South East if you have any. I would be so grateful!

And how has May been for you? I hope more exciting than mine!

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