Finding Art

Sifting through my late aunt's house last Sunday, I found this tiny little A6 sketch book. Inside, were these amazing tiny drawings and paintings - some finished, but most of them incomplete. Either way, they are still beautiful and so much so that I just have to share them. As well as beautiful they are drawn with such precision, delicacy and attention to detail. I'm assuming the artist had a lot of patience when it came to creating these tiny masterpieces. I don't know how old these drawings are, but they are by a woman called Clara Bell from what I can see written on the first page.

My most favourite is the one of the boat, mostly for that beautifully painted sky and the peas in a pod for the cute little bugs surrounding them. It's really inspired me and given me ideas for tiny little drawings and paintings. Maybe I can finally be inspired enough to get back into my artistic mind set and be an artist again.

Anyway. I hope you art-loving readers enjoy these as much as I do.

One of my favourites thanks to the delicate details ♥

Size of each drawing in comparison to my little finger!

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  1. Really interesting pictures :) I really like the first one too <3 Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thanks, I know it's a little different to have something like this on my blog but I really wanted to share it! xx