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I have learnt recently that for good, long-lasting shoes, you must pay good money which has led me to have been obsessing over the prettier, pricier shoes. Not only that but the summer means it's acceptable to wear pretty much anything on your feet, so online shopping has led me to all the different styles under the sun for the summer! I need to invest in my shoes now as I go through them too quickly, thus probably spending more money on rubbish ones that one pair of really good ones. I know places like Primark and Supermarket brands are beautifully cheap, but they don't last. And that makes me sad. But after my online shopping in the more established shoe stores, I've seen so many pretty shoes, and I wish I could have them all. I want all the styles, all the quirky designs and all the colours. I just want a seriously amazing shoe collection.
These above are the few I got my eyes on right now. I'm not a big spender at all and spending more than £30 on shoes for me makes me nervous, but I'd really love to get some Irregular Choice shoes in my collection as I've wanted a pair for absolute ages. I love the quirkiness and individual designs, and they create some seriously beautiful shoes! ♥ Panda ones the most plz.
At the moment I can actually see myself buying those pink tassel sandals very very soon. And they're bookmarked on Chrome too for safe keeping. They're really in style at the moment, and something I'd really enjoy wearing throughout the summer. I'm also loving the black office sandals for a more sophisticated and smarter looking summer outfit, it's just that price tag makes my heart palpitate. So expensive, but so so pretty!

What have you got your eyes on at the moment? Share the shoe love!

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