5 Ways To Keep Happy

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I'm usually a super happy person. But just like everyone else, I have my bad days. And even when I don't have bad days, sometimes I want to make something of that day to make it better. To make me happier. And today to make me happier, I thought I'd share some of those things I do with you. Whether you are having a bad day, you have a day to call your own or you just want something happy to do - I hope these help you at some point. And if not, I still hope you enjoy reading them...!

1. Go somewhere quiet, and do something you like. 
A few weeks back, I booked a day off work just to have a long weekend to look forward to. I didn't have anything planned but I knew I wanted to go somewhere nice - alone. I don't know why but I just liked the idea of escaping my regular world for a day. So I did.
I originally was supposed to go to the beach because it's my favourite place, with a book and my camera and enjoy some time there alone reading and taking photos.... But slept in until half 11! (Don't ask me how, I still don't know!) Instead I went to the closest place like a beach, and headed to my local country park and sat by the lake with my book and read for four hours in the sunshine leaving me with the start of a tan and feeling super relaxed. I not only got to read half of my book, but I got to listen to the water and the wind and enjoyed the view. It was perfect!

2. Colour in.
I recently bought myself an adult's colouring book. Yes, a colouring book. It's called Color Me Happy by Lacy Mucklow and I love it. I usually flick through and pick a picture that feels right at the time, and then start colouring! It's amazing how therapeutic it feels when you're doing it and then how happy you are when you finish it. It's a great way to escape the world again, and it takes you back to a time when you didn't have a care in the world but to finish your colouring. It feels nice, and it makes me really happy. I'm currently mid-colouring a pretty bird.

3. Shop!
Almost every girl loves to shop, and I am no exception! And I'm not just talking about clothes, shoes and accessories. I'm talking about shopping in general. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit crappy, I like to head down to my Tesco and buy myself a night in. It's usually a magazine, my favourite treats and a drink to wash it down with. That makes me happy.
I also do love a good clothing/shoe/accessory shop too! At the moment I'm buying loads of hangers from Primark and that's what's making me happy. It's a reminder that I'm in the process of moving back home, into my brand new bedroom and it's going to be complete very very soon! ♥
Another thing is buying something for someone else... It's surprising how happy you can make yourself when you make someone else happy with an unexpected gift!

4. Keep Organised.
Warning, this one can cause grumpiness with a finale of happiness! I know it sounds stupid, but organising things and tiding until it looks right can make me really happy. When life isn't organised, you can become too stressed out for your own good. All of a sudden you can't find your keys at the bottom of you bag, you don't know where your favourite t-shirt is, you can't find that damn email, or you just feel like you haven't got a hold of life - just stop for a minute. You can always stop, and just take some time to fix the problem! And yes, you may get outraged and stressed with the difficulty of the task at hand, and you think you're not getting anywhere, but when it's done comes relief, relaxation and happiness.
I recently decided to get my life together and work hard on getting the job I wanted to get my life on track, and that's the main reason I took a big break on my blog - but it worked because I managed to get the job I wanted and put my life back on track. And then I managed to get the time I was spending on my job hunt back to spend on blogging. And now I feel my blogging is back on track - along with those tons emails I couldn't deal with, but now are organised into lovely folders! It may have taken a while, but I'm finally really happy with things!

5. Hugs.
Nature's natural happy! Whether it be your other half, mum, dad, sister, brother, best friend, dog.... cat! Hug them... Hugging just makes everyone happy and I know it makes me happy lots. I always know that when I have a crappy day or even on a good day I can always go to my boyfriend for a good cuddle and it'll make me happier. I can always come home and cuddle my Dolly dog too, because she's always there for a squeeze. It's like someone's squeezing the bad mood out of you when you hug someone, and it's weird how it works but it does. Instant happy ♥

So there you have it! My 5 things that keep me happy that now can hopefully help you be happier too! Share with me what keeps you happy! I'd love to know ♥

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