My June

Although June is over, and though I'm looking forward to a warm and sunny July filled with days in the sun, I've had a pretty awesome month, starting off with a week off and some time away from home.

The boyfriend and I ended up staying in a small town just outside Winchester for our time off work and had the loveliest break away. It was a great opportunity to escape the stresses of work and life, and just get back to a happy place and enjoy things again. We had such a lovely time and ended up visiting, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester all in a matter of 3 days. Three very lovely places I wouldn't mind visiting again.
Healthy living started happening again this month, and I truly believe in the "it takes 21 days to make a habit" thing! My craving for sweet foods and sugar is at an all time low, and all I want right now are salads, wraps, chicken and fruit. Though it would be a lie to say I haven't enjoyed a couple of chocolate bars but I don't crave them at all now! I bought a bottle to put fruit in my water from eBay, and this was my kick start. Making water fun and tasty to drink really worked for me, and also that Kalamari Ceasar Salad from Frankie & Benny's. Mmmm, again please?
On the subject of food, I'd been out to eat so much last month... one week I must have been out three times all with different people. I've been much more of a socialite for a change and it's been lovely to go out and enjoy life properly, especially in such great weather! Weather like this calls for walks out in the park, barbecues and the beach front. That's what I aim to do a lot of July!

Talking of July, I seem to have made myself AWOL on here for the last week and not on purpose - I promise! If you're a regular reader: apologies. I've been so caught up with life stuff, I haven't made time for blogging... I've also been enjoying a few evenings outdoors and if I'm being totally honest with you - Pretty Little Liars has taken over my life. I think I might have a serious PLL addiction. I've just finished watching Season 3 and I'm so excited to carry on watching it and finding out who A really is!
I'm back from my time offline though, and with a few blogging things coming up soon I'm looking forward to working on them. I'm also planning a little Biscester Village trip for myself, a birthday treat to an indoor trampoline park for my sister and booking the final touches to my holiday to Portugal in October! Exciting stuff for me! What are your plans this month? Anything exciting or different?

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  1. This month I'm going to best festival in Baltic States - Positivus'15 :) I just can't wait... It's so soon!!!