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Vivienne Westwood Bag | Grey Leather Converse | Rifle Paper iPhone Case
Ted Baker Make Up Bag | Urban Decay Stockpile Lip Vault | Diptyque Candle
YSL Lipstick | Paul & Joe Eye Shadow Palette | Miu Miu Sunglasses

I am always lusting over high end brands and never buying... I'm the sort of girl who will add all the things she likes to a basket on the Selfridges website and then dream of clicking the 'checkout securely' button. So does someone wants to donate to me £861 for this beyond dreamy wishlist plz?

This time round I found a couple of make up products I'm dreaming of now, beginning with the Urban Decay Stockpile Lip Vault. Just look at it! 10 lipsticks and 10 lip liners for perfect lips all the damn time. This year it's top on my Christmas list along with the Vivienne Westwood bag I still haven't invested in
It may be down to the blogger/youtuber hype but I really want to see what the fuss of a Diptyque candle is all about, and I have my eyes on the Geranium Rosa scented candle. I love fruit and floral scents, and this one would please my nose I'm sure. But £40 for something I'm going to burn away doesn't seem to make sense in my mind.

I'm loving all these things at the moment and a couple of them are repeats on my wishlists. I know these are all more investment pieces, but I love making these sorts of wishlists so I can look back on at a later date and see if I'm still loving them! Does anyone else do this with their wishlists?
Share with me what's on yours at the moment! I love reading other people's wishlists!

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