VMA 2015 Red Carpet | Hot & Not

So the VMAs happened last night and I'm yet to watch the whole thing, but I've caught up on all the highlights and of course the red carpet! I love seeing who's wearing what on the red carpet and today I thought it would be fun to showcase the outfits I thought were 'hot' versus the ones I thought were 'not'!


source: today.com, reveal.co.uk & vulture.com

Nicki Minaj - Nicki is looking like a beautiful golden goddess in this La Bourjoisie number, with that beautiful train, plunging neckline and figure hugging shape. I absolutely adore the colour - 10/10 on her outfit! And an extra point for sass on stage!
Taylor Swift - Swifty always looks amazing in her outfits, but I was not expecting this gorgeous two piece by Ashish! I love the metallic coloured mix, and the joggers and heels combo is perfect. There's nothing wrong with this outfit at all. 10/10 for you too Taytay.
Demi Lovato - Oh gosh. Doesn't she look like a pink dream!!! Everything about this dress is just amazing. She is looking super hot, super confident and I can't get over anything about this outfit. 11/10 for Demi!
Vanessa Hudgens - Vanessa is the queen of bohemian style and she is absolutely rocking it in that gorgeous dusty pink maxi by Naeem Khan. The plunging neckline and necklace is such a great combo, and her hair is on point keeping that boho look from top to toe. I give this boho princess 9/10.
Selena Gomez - I've always loved Selena's style and though she's keeping it simple in this zip up black maxi by Calvin Klein, she's looking gorgeous. I love the body hugging shape the long sleeves and that zip detail is all this dress needs. 8/10 Gomez!
Rita Ora - Rita is rocking this Vera Wang, long black feathered number and though I'm usually into feathers but I adore this dress! The only thing I'm not too keen on is the bustier, I just think it's a little too much boob, especially with that gorgeous full leg split between the feathers. But still looking sassy Rita - 7/10

source: today.com, reveal.co.uk & vulture.com

Miley Cyrus - Yes yes yes, the hostest showing us the mostest. But I don't think I liked even one of her revealing outfits. The worst that dress that made her look like a pack of giant smarties fell on her. And this Atlier Versace outfit, reminded me of a chandelier. And that hair... yikes. I love her short hair so much, but those false dreads aren't for me. BUT. I do commend her on being true to herself and not giving a damn what anyone thinks! 3/10 Miles.
Amber Rose - Erm. I think I'd like the outfit if it wasn't so in your face with the words 'Hoe, Stripper, Slut, Gold Digger, Bitch'.... You know? I love the loud outfit just the words ruin it for me. Just why Amber? I'm giving you 5/10 for a great shape and style just losing the rest of the points on the outfit that cusses so you don't have to.
Gigi Hadid - I love the colour of this Emilia Wickstead dress, but I'm not all for the shape. A cross between a body suit and a dress, I feel confused and again though the plunging neckline is great, I don't like it on this dress. I feel it would have been  better as a high neck dress with the bodysuit/dress style. A 5/10 for Gigi.
Chrissy Teigen - Chrissy's dress is great from the waist up. I just don't like the rest! Maybe it's the excessive thigh and up showing, or the fact I feel this dress needs a good belt. I'm not feeling it at all... I don't like it when it looks like they're not wearing underwear. It's just weird! 4/10 for this number.
Britney Spears - I don't like this. I'm sorry Brit but it's just too short, you look like you can't walk in it and your boobs are about to pop out. I don't love the hair either... It should be down and she looks like she's missing something in her outfit like a bag or something. I can't pin point it but I really don't like this one... Soz again Brit but it's 3/10 from me.
Kylie Jenner - I love Kylie, but she's looking a little like the Crochet Queen in this Balmain number. The colour isn't my favourite, but the style is. Maybe if it was black, or white I would of loved it. But I don't. And where did the fringe come from? Not sure on that either. It ain't all bad Kylie, I love your style usually but not this time. I'm giving you my highest 'not' score - 6/10.

What were your thoughts on the VMA red carpet outfits? What were your hots vs nots?

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  1. I loved Vanessa's dress and Chrissy's dress! My favorite was probably Chrissy's, actually. I understand what you're saying about the leg slit, though :)

    1. I adore Vanessa's dress! I do like Chrissy's its just there's something... I still can't pin point it! I love that everyone has different faves though! It's interesting to discuss it after! ^_^ xx

  2. Taylor looked so amazing.
    I think Amber wore what she wore to pass on a message you know? She has been working on a say no to slut shaming sort of project so maybe that's why she wore this. It's pretty loud and definitely not my favourite look from her but hey it's for a good cause lol!xx

    Happy new month Cat.

    1. Oooh, see I didn't know this! I would have supported it more if I knew! Like I said, loved the outfit - not the words.
      Happy new month to you too Demilade! x