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With festivals in full swing, holidays around the corner and British heat waves making our weekends bliss, it's only natural that all the pretty shoes, flip flops and feet come out to play. I love a pretty pair of shoes, or sandals in the summer, but I'm also that weirdo who loves walking around bare foot! That said, I used to be big into adding a little extra something on my feet to style up my outfit, whether it be at the beach for a touch of glam or to add a little extra something to simpler footwear like a pair of courts.

Anklets are an accessory that is often forgotten and actually looks quite pretty on. I used to be really into anklets and it's a thing I'm starting to sway into them again especially after seeing Rosegal's amazing collection online here. These six are my top favourite from their collection and are all so beautiful for so many different occasions. My most favourite has to be number five, for the simplicity and huge statement too! I think it would be great to wear for a night out to really add something different to your outfit. And I also love number four a really glam beach look. It'll be great to wear when you want something pretty on your feet with a white bikini or cover up.
Rosegal's prices are great too with styles to suit everyone, whether you love beads, lace, gold or silver. There is something for everyone. What are your thoughts on anklets? Do you love them, or are they not for you?

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