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I've been on Pinterest recently pinning pictures of gorgeous gals with long hair, and amazing lengths. I miss having long hair. I haven't had long hair properly since 2013 and though my hair hasn't been longer than about 15 inches probably ever, I really want long mermaid-like hair and I miss being able to plait my hair so many different ways and trying lots of new styles. I forgot how much more you can do with long hair than you can with short. Yeah it may take longer to dry and style, but hair is supposed to be fun and a way of expressing yourself. 

Perfect Long HairPerfect Long Hair

I've had my hair short to mid-length for the best part of a year and a half now. I cut my hair into a lob back in March 2014 and it hasn't sat any longer than the lower part of my shoulder since then. I've enjoyed having shorter hair but after reminiscing over pictures of my long hair from when I had highlights or my years at school I've began to long for my old school long curly locks. At the moment I've got my Halo Hair Extensions to give me long hair when I feel like it, but until I cut my hair into a more layered look so it sits more naturally with my extensions I've got to start growing my little bob out.
Long Brunette Curly HairAuburn Long HairLong Hair Plaits

There's also so much more you can do with your hair when it's longer. I've recently been dealing with the struggles of shorter hair longing for a top knot that won't fall out or actually sits on the top of my head, and plaits that don't have small bits sticking out! Don't get me wrong, there are lots of ways to style short hair that I have done... It's just I miss the long ones more and I'm getting bored if I'm honest.

French PlaitPlaited Faux HawkFishtail Plait
I am also looking into natural ways to encourage and speed up the growth of my hair. I've heard coconut oil is very good and keratin oil too which I already use, but if you have something you recommend for hair growth please let me know in the comments! I'd really appreciate it :)
I've probably spent the best part of an hour pinning loads of hair tutorials, long hair, and styles on Pinterest today! I swear Pinterest is like Pringles... once you start pinning you just can't stop! If you'd like to you can follow me on Pinterest here. And check out the links throughout this post for the boards you can find these photos from! I hope you liked it!
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