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Specasaver Drew | Max & Co 05
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Osiris C02 | FCUK 99

I have recently come to the conclusion that my eyesight has actually got considerably worse. I can't see as far as I used to and small worded things are blurring a little more than they used to. This makes me sad, but at the same time I'm not the sort of person who hates wearing glasses and it means I get to buy myself some funky new ones. I'm already due for my next opticians appointment anyway so there's another excuse. I've got myself booked in for Monday, so it's time to see what will be my next two pairs of glasses!

Specsavers do that amazing 2 for 1 on designer sunglasses deal, and I've already been shopping away on the website. There are lots I've seen but these are the ones I'm keeping my eye on and hoping they have in stock when I go in for my appointment. I'm seriously loving the Max & Co 05 and 01 the most. I think they're the most fun, colourful and I can see myself wearing at least the 05s! As much as I love the 01 - I'm not sure it'll suit me.
I don't want my glasses to be boring you know? Simple black frames aren't for me as I've learnt in the past and I'm bored of the thin squarish frame I always get. I absolutely love my last two pairs because they were fun, colourful and I could mix them up for different outfits, and I want the next pairs to do the same thing. I might get my old ones fitted with new lenses too at some point  because there isn't anything wrong with them. But I am sure the lenses aren't right for me any more. I'm that nerdy one who quite looks forward to things like new glasses... If I'm wearing them everyday for a long time, they have to be right don't you think!?

What pair do you like the most? Help me pick!!!

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  1. These are all pretty snazzy but my favs have to be second down on the left. :D xx


  2. I have glasses too and I need to jazz mine up as well. I really love the Max & Co 04, but you could honestly pull off any of these!