10 Things Found In A Blogger's Bedroom

So this post was originally inspired by a poem the children in my class were doing right at the beginning of the year. It was so much fun to think about 10 things found in a certain person's pocket, or room or house that I thought it would be fun to see if I could think up 10 things you could find in a blogger's bedroom! I did think up 10 things that I found in my own bedroom, and I'd love to see how many of you can relate... Let's go!

  1. Camera - Probably the must have for every blogger but it's true! Everyone will have one of these in some form or another. Whether it comes in the form of the best DSLR or just your smart phone. I could even be a manual camera, and I'd be really impressed with that myself!
  2. Tripod - This is probably mostly for the fashion and style bloggers but I'm sure most bloggers or vloggers have a tripod for some time or another. I purchased my first one from eBay about 2 years ago, and before that my tripod came in the form of a ladder... Very professional.
  3. Blogger Cards - For events of course. Just in case there is one to go to, I've slowly but surely realised that you must have a reserve of blogger business cards for these moments. I know not all bloggers have these, but I do in my room and it's a growing thing. (I think?)
  4. Laptop/Macbook - DUH. How else could we possibly blog no?
  5. Notebook & Pen - This is for ideas that pop up out of the blue. For me this is a blog saver and a half! I've had many wonderful ideas in the past that I've got so excited about but became lost and never to return. Most of the time due to the absence of a notebook and pen.
  6. Flowers/Cacti - Display purposes usually. These are often spotted in the background of our blog pictures or used to add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to the arrangement we've made to photograph. It will always without a doubt add a natural beauty to our images... And our bedrooms! ♥ 
  7. Candles - I don't know a blogger yet who doesn't like candles. Usually Yankee or another popular brand of some sort and for the hardcore candle fans it's Jo Malone or Diptyque! Riiiiight? ;)
  8. Something Rose Gold - I fell into the trap and I can't get out now. And every blogger has, even if it was just for that one item. Please tell me if you didn't fall into it! Your something rose gold could be anything from make up, a fashion accessory or a piece of homeware. Mine is my Naked 3 Palette and my Olivia Burton Watch.
  9. The Overhaul of at least one of the following: make up, nail polish, shoes, clothing, bags, homeware or stationery. For me it's probably nail polish, clothing and shoes. Oh and stationery... I love a notebook ♥
  10. Last but not least a 'set up' area. Now this is anywhere in your room that will be designated for photo taking. It may be where you film, shoot products or the perfect spot for outfit photos. There is always a spot and mine right now is my desk area... I just love it :)
So that's it! My 10 things found in a bloggers bedroom. Or mine at least. I hope you liked this post and tell me if it made you smile or you could relate - it would make my day. If this post offended or upset you in any way, I do apologise in advance because I know was being stereotypical and some people don't like that. But it's only a bit of fun really, and I really enjoyed writing this out as it'd been an idea I had for a while and had to do!
Let me know in the comments if you could relate to any of these. I hope I'm not alone with all ten! Ha!

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  1. Guilty! I got into rose gold this past Summer and now I have an abundance of rose gold jewelry. And have you seen the new rose gold iPhone? So cool!

  2. Haha loved this post - my fave is obviously 'an overhaul of at least one of the following' ..... basically like everything in the make-up/beauty and homeware world ;)

    Robyn / www.phasesofrobyn.com


  3. I adore your style so much! It's super chic!
    check out my blog + follow back?

    Jess | wildvagabondss.blogspot.com