My October

This October has seemed to have flown past. I've been to a blogger event, gone on a weeks holiday and just had a week off for half term. It's got significantly colder in the mornings and I've actually had a pretty busy and alright month.

So right at the beginning of the month I attended the Hillary's Crafternoon which I had a lot of fun at! I got to meet a few new bloggers and made a pretty jewellery box with new fabrics from the collection. I also had a mini shopping spree just before my holiday where I invested in a pair of new fancy boots I have literally not stopped talking about (this is probably the third post they've been mentioned in this month not including outfits...) and a new pretty bag.

As well as my busy first week, I spent the second week of the month in Portugal seeing family, meeting new family and exploring parts of Portugal I'd never seen like Lisbon. Being Portuguese doesn't always mean you know everything about Portugal and all the cities. I had such a great time there and wrote all about it here and even posted a mini vlog on YouTube which you can see here! That week flew by, and next thing you know I was back home working one more week before yet ANOTHER week off for half term!

Though I've had the last week off for half term, it's been a little uneventful. I didn't do much, but I do have some exciting news about my future choices. This week, I did apply for university again. I'm proud of myself because though I'd thought about it for so long and now I've gone and done it. I spent a lot of time and effort making sure this application was perfect before sending it off. I'm just waiting on one reference to come through before I can officially click the apply button. Even if I don't get it, I'm proud of myself for trying hard at it and actually stepping up and taking control of my future! And now I'm going to be working my hat off to get to where I want to be.

As for Halloween I wasn't really feeling it this year. I didn't paint my face like usual, but I did make a lot of effort to decorate the front of the house for the trick or treaters. I carved pumpkins, hung up a sheet to make the door look bloody and even got my younger siblings to paint some fake gravestones I made. It looked pretty good for a DIY jobby if you ask me!
I'm actually just really looking forward to Christmas! Tomorrow I'm going on my first Christmas shopping trip and I think I got some good present ideas this year. I'm aiming to finish the shopping by the end of the month really. I don't want the stress of Christmas being around the corner and knowing I still have loads to do. I've really learned how to be organised this year! That's my new year's resolution complete! Whoop!

What are you excited for this November? I hope it snows at some point too... Wouldn't that be good!?

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