My September

My September has been so eventful this year! I've had so much going on and I couldn't ask for a better month really. Though I know my life may be a little bland at times and I don't have lots going on, when it does I really appreciate and enjoy it.
This month I've had events to go to, friends to see, a new job to start and a new car to drive. It's been pretty awesome really so let's take a look back at September.

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to attend #BloggersFestival and #BLFW with some amazing friends! I met back up with Isabelle, Tania, Ana and I met lots of new ones too at the #BloggersLunch just before #BloggersFestival! If I did meet you, I probably tagged you in THIS instagram post with all your beautiful blogger cards in! I had so much fun seeing all my friends again, meetings all the brands at the events and just being out for some fun. I absolutely love attending blogger events because you can talk to another blogger who may have been a complete stranger 5 minutes before and have a lovely conversation and a potential new friend.

As well as that September meant the start of the school year, which also meant to start of my new job and I couldn't be happier to be working at my school. I feel great these days about my job and the work that I do and it brings a fresh new start to life. I want to eventually become a primary school teacher, and I'm so happy to be back on that road!

As well as a new job, I went ahead and sold my little blue 206 Upsy. I was totally heartbroken when I sold her, but it was about time and with my dad buying himself a new van we had one too many cars at home. So we decided it would be a good idea to sell my car, and upgrade to my mum's Mercedes. We've all pretty much just swapped cars around so it's a bit too confusing to explain, but either way I'm really enjoying it and I've given it a good clean and spruce up to make it my own!

September has been quite fun really! I can't complain about it at all. So many new things have happened and I'm really happy right now. October brings a few more things too, with an event tomorrow with Hilary's, my holiday to Portugal in a week and Halloween. I'm not much for Halloween any more but I like it as an excuse to paint my face to entertain the trick or treaters! (And carve the hell out of a pumpkin!)

I hope your September has treated you well too! Let me know what you've got planned for October too!

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