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Sammy Dress Monochrome Bags

Monochrome bags are my obsession right now. They're so versatile going with absolutely everything,and they always look classy! After rummaging through my bag collection at home, I realised I have a ton of monochrome clutch bags and just the one shoulder bag! I invested in a gorgeous one from New Look but I've got a new found thirst for fun, statement style shoulder bags now and I've found some gorgeous ones whilst window shopping SammyDress a few days ago.
The first one that caught my eye was the first on my wishlist. It was on the main page for shoulder bags, and it was the dogtooth print that got me. I also love the drawstring design for something a little different. And the bottom middle for the amazing collection of buttons all over the front of it!
I also really love the gold hardware on all these bags. I don't know what it is but I love the way black and gold or white and gold look together. It looks super classy and is a personal favourite combination. The white bag in particular for the gorgeous chain detail and keyring!
Another love of mine that I've had throughout the year is croc print detailing. I've got two croc print bags and a croc print iPad case, so when I saw this metallic tote bag, I knew it would be on my wishlist! Not exactly monochrome... But almost! There were quite a few other croc printed bags on the website, but this was by far my favourite.
The best thing about all these shoulder bags is that they all cost less than £10! I'm seriously thinking about buying the first and second bag on my list. The skeleton hands one would be great for Halloween and this time of year and the first for a statement going out bag.
If you're looking for a bag definitely check out SammyDress! They've got so many to chose from and some styles come in other colours, so if you're more of a brighter bag girl, some of these could come in your favourite colours. I have seen a few of these in bright greens and blues which I'm also loving right now ;)
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  1. I looove the first one. I have the same shape one in khaki and love it. I wish I had some money left this month to grab it! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  2. #1 and #5 are perfect. i need them in my life.