Blogging | Why I'll Follow Your Blog

A goal I didn't mention in my 2016 goals was to read more blogs this year. I started allocating time in my day to really relax and just enjoy some quiet time and in that quiet time I like reading all your blogs. I like reading so many different types of blogs too and I've followed quite a few new ones in the last couple of weeks. For this reason I thought it would be nice to share with you why I think you're blog is awesome and why I would follow you!
The second reason I've decided to blog about this is because I've seen a lot of blog posts over the last few months titled things like "Why I won't read your blog" or "Why I won't click to follow" (just examples). And personally I don't like this. Not to say that it is wrong, everyone is entitled to write whatever they like, but I just think about any blogger who might have insecurities in the blogosphere and how they might take that content. I think it portrays too much negativity in my opinion and we should be praising bloggers for what they're doing right rather than telling them what they're doing wrong. Advice posts though... I'm all for those. I like anything that acts as constructive criticism! ANYWAY.... Let's get onto the good bit...

  • Your photography! No matter what your style is: minimalistic, perfectly laid out, the accidentally-on-purpose everything-everywhere, outdoor photography, in your home, dark, light, colourful... I think you get the point. I like seeing the effort being made when taking photographs. I don't care how new you are to the blogging or photography - If I can see you tried I'll probably click on your link! Everyone starts somewhere with photography.
  • Great titles. I love a good title. I'm a big fan of simple ones really and the ones where people label what the category is beforehand. (I do that now. #nabbed) And I also like fun catchy ones that make me go "oooh!" Again, it's the effort put into thinking up a good title - OR - it's the simplicity of it. No games, just "this is what it's about".
  • Cool blog name. I love seeing everyone's blog names. When I come across some really good ones I think about how clever that person was to think up such a great blog name. I especially like ones that are a play on words.
  • Cliché blog posts. Yeahhh I'll admit it! I love those favourites, hauls, monthly round ups and reviews of the latest products. I like seeing different takes to the same products when everyone's reviewing the same thing. It really helps me out with deciding if I'd like it or not. And let's be honest, who doesn't like writing or reading the typical blog posts we schedule in each month or every so often!? Don't kid yourselves. Though, I don't like empties posts - #sorrynotsorry.
  • Your more personal blog posts. I love reading about your recent holiday, what you made, things you've learned, lists about what makes you happy (I do those too) and basically anything that noses into an exciting part of your life. I like these because I'm a nosey parker and I find these personally more interesting. I like looking into the parts of life people were so happy about they shared it. Whether it be a walk in the park and you really liked that one photo you took, or your adventures in a new city. Or even a day in at home watching Netflix with that amazing hot chocolate you made.
  • Easy to use blog template. I don't care if you bought it, who from or when or if it's a blogger/wordpress original. If I can navigate through your blog and find your follow button, social media links and all in one quick scroll I would probably follow you! 
  • I like the way you write. I like reading writing as if someone is talking to me. I find it works better for me. I can relate, I can probably imagine you as a person and the way you talk - and I think you're more likely to shine in terms of personality and being true to you on your blog. You've got a greater chance of making me smile and liking you lots this way too. Nothing too fancy. I like keeping it casual.
  • You're making the effort. I love being able to see the effort gone into a post. I think it's always pretty obvious which posts have had time and effort put into and I appreciate those ones a lot more.
  • I can find you on BlogLovin'. If you're there I will be following you from there! I love using BlogLovin' and it's quickly become the preferred platform for any blogger. I think it's great for any blogger from any platform to follow anyone, so if you haven't got one yet - get one.
  • Your numbers won't sway me. I don't give a monkeys if you've got 10 followers or 10k followers. I'm there for you and your content because it's most probably awesome and I was intrigued!
And no matter how long you've been blogging, and where you're at in terms of followers, stats or social status in the blogosphere I hope everyone remembers where we all started, when we got our very first follower, when we got our first comment, first collaboration or when you decided to buy your own blog domain! We all made the same mistakes, and I'd love to see more positive blog posts about why we love bloggers and blogs and more advice posts so we can help make a difference and build each other up! I'm in no way an expert in blogging and I STILL don't know what makes a great blogger but I'm trying, and I hope this post helps someone in some way. That would make me happy :)

I hope this post works out as positive about blogs as I hoped. Please let me know in the comments if you think it worked or not. I want your HONEST opinion!



  1. I really enjoy these types of posts. I especially agree with 'making the effort' thats what I like to see in a blogger too <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. I'm glad you liked this post! I think making the effort is all you really need to do. At least you're trying! xx

  2. I'm with you on that. I follow and read just about anyone's blog as long as the content appeals to me. :)

    S .x

  3. I like the last one! I was a little discouraged because I've been blogging for so many years and have gained little to no followers. I've realized - who cares! I put so much love and care into my posts and entire blog. I completely appreciate the people that stop by and read a post I've so carefully thought out.

    1. Me too! I've been blogging a hefty 6 years and I don't let it get me down when I don't see my followers go up - but I have learned through those years what I could do to help myself. It's not all about the followers at all, but we can't lie to ourselves and say we don't care not even a little bit! But for the little group of followers I have at the moment I'm grateful and love them all :) xx