#ILeftMyHeartIn Edinburgh

Earlier last week I received an email from the lovely people at GetYourGuide about their #ILeftMyHeartIn blogger competition. For the competition I would have to write about where I left my heart. Liking the sound of the competition and the task, it got me on my 'What Cat Did' label, throwing myself back to all the places I've been over the last 6 years. And of all the places I visited, I left my heart in Edinburgh. I visited Edinburgh for two days with John way back in March 2013 and Edinburgh was just amazing for so many reasons. It's a place I have a huge urge to go back to and though I saw so much of the beautiful city and what it has to offer, I still don't feel like I've seen it all.

Edinburgh was always top of my list of places to visit. I wanted to see everything. Edinburgh Castle was on my to do list because I've always been really into history and visiting beautiful historical places; and I wanted to see the city in all it's beauty because I'd heard so much about it from friends who'd visited before. And when Edinburgh Zoo had announced that pandas were arriving soon this fuelled an extra reason to go due to my huge love for the black and white bear.

Visiting Edinburgh with John, it was everything we wished it would be. We loved the old town, and we loved visiting the castle and everything around it. We pretty much walked for miles on the first day and got lost on the train. But it was okay; being unfamiliar and exploring made our trip all the more special. And little snowy when we went which I felt was also pretty special.
The old town was amazing. I can't explain it all but I definitely fell in love with the architecture, the winding roads on the super steep hills and the views from the top were breathtaking! It was so beautiful to look around and we visited so many places in one day. We had lunch in a place called The Filling Station and visited Edinburgh Castle like we wanted to. And we still had the time to go to the Tartan Weaving Mill Experience where we saw how they made tartan, a fudge shop John adored called The Fudge House and a lovely shop selling tartan scarves. I ended up getting two - one in the traditional red tartan, and one in lilac. How could I not come back without a tartan scarf!?

Our second day in Edinburgh was spent at Edinburgh Zoo which I would definitely recommend visiting if that's your thing! I absolutely loved it, and even more so when I finally got to see the gorgeous pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang. They were amazing, and not as big as I expected them to be... That said I was welling up having finally seen one of my favourite animals ever. I'm still holding on for a panda bear cub so I have an even bigger excuse to organise another trip!
As well as the pandas there were some beautiful animals I loved seeing like the meerkats, penguins and koalas (another animal I'd never seen before). We also took a gorgeous walk to the highest point at the zoo where you overlooked the gorgeous landscapes surrounding Edinburgh.
It was so beautiful and it was at this point close to the end of our trip we decided we'd have to come back. We knew we wanted to see more of the city and revisit the old town too. We know we probably didn't even see half of what we could of, but we were in love with the place already. Enough to know we'd return one day.

It's definitely a city that has totally stolen my heart. And though I have so many other cities on my list of places to go - Edinburgh needs a revisit so I can experience it's beauty once again ♥



  1. I have a feeling I'd love Edinburgh. Me, I left my heart in Oxford the summer of 2008. I've never felt at home the way I did there.

    1. Awww, I need to visit Oxford. I heard it's beautiful. I also love Cambridge... I need to go there again soon. xx

  2. Nice pictures dear :)