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Monday, 4 January 2016

Why My Mum Is One Of My Style Icons

My Mum. Looking back on photos from when she first came to London at 18 and from when she was about my age - I think she had amazing style! She was always wearing something on trend or looking her absolute best. I'm so inspired by these photos and I'm so glad she took so many because I get to see so many of her amazing outfits. Today I'm going to share some of these with you and tell you why my mum is one of my style icons!

Let's start here: one of my favourite ever photos of her and probably most relevant to now. Effortless style with her stone wash 'Mom' style jeans and white shirt. A look I would often go to for that sits in the smart casual bracket. She looks so good here and I'm feel so cool for having such a stylish mum! I have another photo I couldn't find of her wearing another awesome pair of 'Mom' jeans, a baseball sweater and what looks like a pair of Nike Air Max. It's probably my favourite photo of her and I couldn't find it to share.

I didn't even know she was a fan on hats! But she rocks this fedora hard with her monochrome look. She always seemed to be wearing the smartest clothing and/or always rocking the oversized trend.

And as a young mum she was still seriously stylish. She's probably the same age as me now here - AND LOOK AT HER! Looking super smart and trendy in that pastel skirt and waistcoat combo and of course a blazer. My mum loves a blazer. (That Fiat Uno brings back memories too.)

Simply looking back at a small collection of photos you can easily see why my mum is one of my style icons. She always tried hard to always look good and she knew how to work every outfit! Even as a mum working hard for us she always looked effortlessly stylish! She's great to talk to for style even though sometimes we seriously clash and disagree. It's happened often too that I'll come home with something new and she'll say "I had something like that!" and I get so gutted that she didn't keep any of these could-have-been awesome and vintage hand-me-downs. But it also makes me happy that we have a similar sense of style around the same ages being two decades apart.

In collaboration with Daxon, I was able to gift my mum a new outfit to say thank you for being my style icon. She wore her new shoes and trousers with a jumper I got her for Christmas the other day so I asked her to do a little 'outfit of the day' for the blog! And he she is! Still looking stylish! (I actually copied her and got some khaki joggers myself!!!!)

What Mum Is Wearing:
Jumper - Next
Joggers * - Daxon
Loafers * - Daxon

Apart from celebrities, who are your style icons? Have you got anyone that sticks out especially for you? I'd love to know :)


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  1. Love this look at your mom's old photos! Damn she really dressed awesomely (I am way lazier). And I love the sweater you got her.

    1. She did didn't she!? I wish I was just as stylish as her - lol!

      Cat x

  2. Oh this is such a lovely post! Your mum looked really awesome and I can see you in any of those outfits today <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thank you! :) I wish she still had them, I'd do a proper throwback post!

      Cat x

  3. This is so cute - your mum is fabulous, and I love looking through old family photos!
    Kirsty x

    1. Thank you! She'd love seeing all these lovely comments! I know, I found some awesome ones. It's great looking back beyond the millenium!

      Cat x

  4. I love it! Your mom looks too cute! I found a pic of my Mom when she like 20/21. It was the 70's & she looked so cool! This long coat trimmed in fur, bell bottom jeans, big old platform type clogs, long ironed hair with cool bangs. I was jealous!
    My icon is my nana. She could dress! She always looked so clean and put together.
    Ill never forget her smell L'air du Temps by Nina Ricci.
    I have a bottle in my cabinet now.
    Great post!