Wishlist | Miscellaneous & Props

Cinematic Light Box | Bath Roses | Glass Pebbles
Unicorn Money Box | Rose Candle | Skeleton Scatter Leaves

It is no secret that as bloggers we've started to invest in little 'props' for our photography and nicer things to have around our homes to make our photography more aesthetically pleasing. I'm no exception, BUT I haven't yet bought anything for that reason yet. But I did make a wishlist of things I'd like to have around the house that would not only make my spaces prettier but my photos prettier too.

Scrabble Letters | Mini Chalk Board | Jewellery Holder
Monochrome Tray | Teacup Candle | Glass Trinket Jar

As much as I'd love all these things, it's very likely I won't get everything on here but wishlisting for me is a great way to inspire myself and keep things in mind; as well as think about the things I'd pick up when investing on some things to spruce up my blog photography. I've started challenging myself to improve my blog photography (as a 2016 goal) and I hope it's working but I would love a tray to display things on in a very thought out manner, a unicorn money box to sit cutely in the background, some glass pebbles scattered over the scene or maybe a hashtag displayed on the amazing light box which inspired this wishlist. Nothing on this wishlist has been placed here without thought of where it would go in my own home and how it would be used to the best of it's ability in my photography placements. These aren't things I need but I would most definitely love to have. I also love taking photos of pretty things so they'd definitely be useful to me too.
I think it's something I'd really love to put a small investment into and I wonder how many of you have already? Have you ever bought anything to sit in your blog photography and how common of a thing is it now! Let's chat on Twitter or in the comments ♥



  1. YAY! I love all of this! I'm moving house next week and I would happily have all of this in the new place. I have that lightbox too, so glad I got it! Amazing wishlist xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Oh do you!? Is it nice to have then? I really want it - it's the thing I'd love most on my wishlist.

      Cat x

  2. Aw, scrabble tiles. Bless. I love the skeleton leaves, but I'm way too lazy and cheap to use or buy props, haha. I think it's SUPER common though! The most I've done for product photos ever was use white cardstock as a background, but I don't take many of those anymore.

    1. Cute no? ;) I feel too poor to buy anything but hey - maybe when I have a little more cash in hand I will :)