Wishlist | Pink, White & Blue

Skirt / Top / Trainers / Shorts
Bralet / Bodysuit / Jeans / Adidas

The lightest pinks, the brightest blues and off whites. THAT, is what I'm ending up on when I'm window shopping the internet. I have a little folder on my bookmarks, and these are all the beauts I've bookmarked over the last week or so!
So my holiday is coming up fast - my countdown is telling me I've got 70 days to get my spending money together and a banging Santorini wardrobe! (Honestly, it feels like no time AT ALL! Send help.) I'm looking for light, spring/summer colours and also things that are going to be really versatile to wear before and after my holiday and in everyday outfits. And I'm not normally a girl to be wearing lots of dark colours, but I feel like I'm wearing lots of dark colours right now and that I need to lighten it back up a bit. I think most of these pieces would fit in my current wardrobe perfectly working in with some of my newer black and khaki pieces! I won't go into everything but I definitely want to nab all of this wishlist right now.
What are your favourites on my wishlist today? I've highlighted my absolute favourites via the links in bold!



  1. you're going to Santorini? JEALOUS. I've wanted to visit since I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and have wanted to go to Greece all my life (I've always had a soft spot for ancient Greek shit).

    1. Yeahhh! I cannot waittttt. I love all that Ancient Greek stuff too! I've been to Zante before and Cyprus countless of times too. I hope to visit Athens one day too :) xx